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What is the difference between advertising and providing information?

France01-10-2011Aurélia Marie

Medical advertising is highly regulated. The advertising of prescription medicine is even prohibited.

Used software questions go to Europe's highest court

Germany01-10-2011Julia Vogtmeier

In the digital world, the online transferability of software is an important feature for software users. It makes the purchase of software easy and uncomplicated.

Italian company tries to protect 'Virginia' in Hungary

Hungary01-10-2011Alexander Vida

Italian company Amaretti Virginia applied for international trademark protection for the designation ‘Virginia’ and included Hungary as a territory in its application.

Rectification and stay

India01-10-2011J.V. Abhay

Section 124 of the Trade Marks Act, 1999 envisages a stay of a lawsuit for infringement when validity of the registration has been questioned.

Contributing to copyright infringement

Israel01-10-2011Michael Factor

The Israel Labour Party subsidises a student society at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Mount Scopus Campus.

Notes of settlement

Japan01-10-2011Ryo Maruyama

The use of ADR procedures as a means by which disputing parties can engage in negotiations to settle a dispute, without resorting to civil litigation, has increased in Japan since the 2011 East Japan earthquake.

Landmark patent decision in Malaysia

Malaysia01-10-2011Chew Kherk Ying and Brian Law

The Malaysian High Court recently clarified key principles in a patent infringement matter. It delivered its judgment in the case of Positive Well Marketing Sdn Bhd v OKA Concrete Industries Sdn Bhd in July 2011.

Technical versus non-technical features in computer-implemented inventions

Mexico01-10-2011Claudia Gabriela Campos Chavelas

Patent application filings for computer-implemented inventions have increased considerably in Mexico.

The importance of secrecy

Netherlands01-10-2011Michiel Rijsdijk

A patentable invention needs to meet the requirements of novelty, inventive step and industrial applicability.

Better late than never

Norway01-10-2011Lill Anita Grimstad

The statutory deadline for entering an PCT into either the Norwegian national phase or the European regional phase is 31 months from the earliest priority date, or the filing date of the PCT application if no priority is claimed.

Showing 3381 to 3390 of 3931 results


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