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Formal obligations: burdens on biotech patents

EPO01-01-2012BiotechnologyCaroline Pallard and Peter ten Haaft

The patentability of biotech inventions should meet substantive requirements such as novelty, inventive step and industrial applicability, but EPO developments suggest that formalities are increasingly important.

A step into the unknown: India's first compulsory license

India01-01-2012Archana Shanker

For the first time in the history of the Indian patent system, a compulsory licence has been granted. Archana Shanker considers the implications.

A brave new world for supplementary protection certificates

01-01-2012Mike Snodin and Michael Pears

Advocate-General Verica Trstenjak has delivered an opinion in the case of Neurim Pharmaceuticals that, if followed by the Court of Justice of the EU, will profoundly liberalise the law governing SPCs in Europe.

The right foundations: the importance of prior art searches

01-01-2012Matt McBride

LSIPR talks to Matt McBride about how Science IP can help businesses ensure their patent plans get off to the best possible start.

Treading carefully with others' trademarks

01-01-2012Alysson H. Oikawa

There are very few clear lines surrounding the use of another’s trademark in online keyword advertising. But in Brazil, companies have definite routes for addressing potential infringement. Alysson Oikawa explains.

Adwords: interacting with consumers

Canada01-01-2012Victoria E. Carrington

Canadian courts have so far demonstrated a relatively permissive approach to keyword advertising. Victoria Carrington explains.

Fighting back: tackling cybersquatters in Poland

Poland01-01-2012Jaromir Piwowar and Bartek Kochlewski

It is not always straightforward to deal with a ‘cybersquatter’, but in Poland, a raft of remedies is available. Jaromir Piwowar and Bartek Kochlewski take a look.

Anti-counterfeiting in Mexico: the foreseeable future

Mexico01-01-2012Jose Luis Ramos-Zurita

A new loophole in the guidelines for proceeding against counterfeit goods in transit has hampered Mexican customs and IP rights holders. Jose Luis Ramos-Zurita explains.

Promoting and protecting your brand in a brave new world

01-01-2012Ari Goldberger and Jason Schaeffer

The new gTLds promise a totally transformed domain for brands. Ari Goldberger and Jason Schaeffer evaluate the defence mechanisms available in the new environment.

Licensors: facing unexpected bumps in the road

China, Japan, Taiwan01-01-2012Daniel Papst

The licensing of patents across the world requires dealing with various different licensors from diverse cultural backgrounds. But that’s not always easy, says Daniel Papst.

Showing 3341 to 3350 of 3982 results


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