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Brexit: 'The sooner this is sorted, the better'

EU, UK12-12-2018

In the previous issue of WIPR we asked leading UK-based IP firms about the impact that Brexit will have on their business; now, we turn to firms in the EU to get their take.

The Philippines IP office interview: Championing IP in ASEAN


From negotiating trade deals to educating on IP, the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines is facing challenges on a number of fronts, as director general Josephine Santiago tells WIPR.

Vietnam IP office interview: Trade deals and treaties


Vietnam is active in the area of free trade agreements and is building an increasingly solid IP regime, as WIPR finds out from its IP office director general, Dinh Huu Phi.

Online counterfeit enforcement: A game of cat and mouse


Increasing numbers of consumers now do their shopping online. How have counterfeiters reacted, and how are brands responding? WIPR finds out.

IP and trade in Asia-Pacific: Changing the shades of grey

China, Japan10-12-2018

The grey market can cause major challenges for brand owners, but their responses can be more black and white. WIPR finds out more.

Business in ASEAN: A collective strategy for IP

Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand08-12-2018

A clear and collaborative approach to IP in the ASEAN region will benefit businesses seeking to invest there, as Robert Yap, chairman of the ASEAN Business Advisory Council, tells WIPR.

Brand protection: Keeping an eye on counterfeits

UK06-12-2018Rachel Jones and Jet Doran

As consumers, we should take greater care in scrutinising online deals which may seem too good to be true given the potential for disappointment, say Rachel Jones and Jet Doran of SnapDragon Monitoring.

In the spotlight: Cooperating with the TMCH


In the second of a two-part series, WIPR speaks to three agents of the Trademark Clearinghouse to hear their perspectives on brand protection.

Brazil patent examination: Defying the backlog

Brazil06-12-2018Gustavo Sartori and Rana Gosain

Despite a reputation for being slow to grant patents, Brazil’s IP office has introduced a number of programmes to expedite examination—with some positive results. Gustavo Sartori and Rana Gosain of Daniel Law report.

China utility models: Fast and flexible IP protection

China06-12-2018Xiaojun Guo

China’s Supreme People’s Court has shed light on the scope of protection of utility model patents, as Xiaojun Guo of CCPIT Patent and Trademark Law Office explains.

Showing 21 to 30 of 2689 results


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