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How to handle the ‘wild west’ of generative AI: part I

17-08-2023Matt Savare and Bryan Sterba

Recent court cases are beginning to hint at how copyright issues concerning the training of generative AI algorithms will be handled—but firmer guidance is needed to reassure artists, say Matt Savare, Bryan Sterba and Chloe Rippe of Lowenstein Sandler, in part I of a two-part series.

Q&A: CrossFit counsel on its 'aggressive' IP strategy

16-08-2023Marisa Woutersen

The fitness brand’s general counsel, Marshall Brenner, sat down with Marisa Woutersen to explore the company’s IP portfolio, rights enforcement and emerging theft trends.

UPC: The ‘sharp sword’ of global patent litigation

EU15-08-2023Antje Brambrink

After gaining momentum, are we now seeing the power posed by the court as a litigation forum, asks Antje Brambrink of Finnegan.

Navigating the surge in GUI design patent applications

UK10-08-2023Marisa Woutersen

From screens to holograms, Marisa Woutersen explores the growth, challenges and trends of graphical user interface design patent protection.

Do ‘Schedule A’ cases threaten foreign firms in the US?

09-08-2023Marko Zoretic and Jack Hendershott

Foreign defendants who anticipate a design patent infringement lawsuit should be wary of the drastic consequences of a Schedule A case, say Marko Zoretic and Jack Hendershott of Knobbe Martens.

Generative AI tools: An agent of bias?

International08-08-2023Rose Place

The technology could be a game-changer for law firms but there is a risk that AI produces discriminatory outcomes, finds Rose Place.

GI products such as figs, pepper and olive oil grow under cooperation between the EU and Africa

Africa07-08-2023Inês Monteiro Alves

The Africa Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation Project should be lauded for its success, particularly in the area of geographical indications, says Inês Monteiro Alves of Inventa.

How to prevent trademark genericide

EU04-08-2023Kaajal Nagindas and Kay Rickelman

There are many ways to protect a brand, and one way is to prevent a trademark from becoming generic, explain Kaajal Nagindas and Kay Rickelman of Spoor & Fisher.

US patent bills: Will they live up to their promises?

04-08-2023Sarah Speight

Two congressional bills designed to reform the PTAB, support inventors and clarify patent eligibility could considerably impact patent law, though critics say they will hinder innovation, finds Sarah Speight.

Do the owners of Brexit's cloned trademarks want to maintain their UK brands?

EU, UK03-08-2023Robert Reading

Data on UK trademarks cloned after the country left the EU reveal rights owners’ appetite for the UK market, finds Robert Reading of Clarivate.

Showing 21 to 30 of 3930 results


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