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Business Brief 2021: Japan

Japan08-06-2021Ryo Maruyama

Design rights are now effective for 25 years from the date of application, and the conventional definition of design has changed significantly. Ryo Maruyama of Kyosei International Patent Office reports.

Business Brief 2021: Greece

Greece08-06-2021Maria Athanassiadou and Fotini Kardiopoulis

Greek IP law is adapting to better serve rights holders, report Maria Athanassiadou and Fotini Kardiopoulis of Dr Helen G Papaconstantinou and Partners.

Business Brief 2021: Caribbean Region

Caribbean08-06-2021Keesha Fleming Lake

The operation of the region’s IP offices is dependent on the legislative framework and the IP rights regimes in place, says Keesha Fleming Lake of Caribbean Trademark Services.

AIPF: How boutiques rode out the pandemic

International08-06-2021Chris Agrawal

IP boutiques were uniquely positioned not just to survive the pandemic, but to emerge even stronger, argues Chris Agrawal of the Association of IP Firms.

US: Patent myths debunked

08-06-2021Paul J Sutton

Almost every day, a myth about patents is propagated in social media, in the traditional press, and in informal exchanges between members of the lay public. Paul J Sutton of Sutton Magidoff Barkume exposes some of the most common.

AIPLA: Overcoming COVID-19 challenges

08-06-2021Joseph Re

American Intellectual Property Law Association president Joseph Re outlines how the association adapted, learned, and thrived despite challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

IACC: How SMEs are taking on counterfeiters

International08-06-2021Travis Johnson

SMEs need to pay heed to the threat of counterfeiters in order to realise their potential, argues Travis Johnson of the International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition.

MARQUES: How brands adapt in a changing world

International07-06-2021Marion Heathcote

Brands are having to adapt to changing social norms and beliefs in order to stay relevant. Marion Heathcote of Marques explains how brands can stay in touch with what consumers want.

CIPA: A transformative year

International, UK04-06-2021Amy Williams

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced associations such as the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys to find new ways of influencing, meeting, and learning, says the institute’s Amy Williams.

LESI: COVID-19 IP waiver—a bad proposal

International04-06-2021Alexander Haertel

The World Trade Organization’s COVID-19 vaccine waiver proposal would negatively impact investment into future treatments, says Alexander Haertel of the European and Dispute Resolution Committees at the Licensing Executives Society International.

Showing 191 to 200 of 3488 results


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