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It’s Not Fair

EU, Greece, International, Switzerland, US23-05-2018

Keeping in line with unfair competition laws requires different approaches across jurisdictions. Aislinn Burton reports.

Defending Travel Trademarks

International, US23-05-2018

Policing brands in the travel industry has become more complicated with the proliferation of phishing sites and keyword advertising. Sarah Morgan reports.

Changes to WHOIS Spell Trouble for Trademark Enforcement

EU, International, US23-05-2018

Changes resulting from the European Union General Data Protection Regulation could cause major headaches for trademark owners who need to police their marks online, as Lori Schulman, INTA’s Senior Director, Internet Policy, tells Ed Conlon.

Blue-Sky Thinking

International, US23-05-2018

Aislinn Burton catches up with INTA’s Director of Legal Resources, Liz Hanellin, about the Association’s expanding focus and how her department helps members to find important IP resources at the click of a button.

Staying on Your Toes

International, US23-05-2018

The IP work at the National Basketball Association (NBA) is exciting and fast-paced, much like the game itself, says NBA Executive Vice President and Deputy General Counsel Ayala Deutsch in an interview with Aaron McDonald.

Getting IP to the Top of the Agenda

International, US23-05-2018

Deborah Cohn, INTA’s Senior Director of Government Relations, is responsible for getting IP issues heard by in the U.S. Government, as she tells Sarah Morgan.

Business brief 2018: UK

UK23-05-2018Alison Simpson

Business brief 2018: UAE

23-05-2018Munir Suboh

Business brief 2018: Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka23-05-2018Anomi Wanigasekera and Wathsala Samaranayake

Business brief 2018: Nigeria

Nigeria23-05-2018John Onyido and Oluwasolape Owoyemi

Showing 141 to 150 of 2672 results


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