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Mentorship: Reaching out

International27-10-2022Malaika Tyson

Diverse mentorship is a powerful tool to help attorneys from minority backgrounds navigate the office environment and ultimately become industry leaders, says Malaika Tyson of McAndrews, Held & Malloy.

Striving for authenticity

International26-10-2022Muireann Bolger

Authenticity is often seen as being key to personal and professional success. But when you don’t fit a certain mould, achieving this desired state in the workplace can be challenging, as lawyers disclose to Muireann Bolger.

Ageism in the multigenerational workforce

International24-10-2022Sarah Speight

As the average lifespan and working age increases, more people are choosing to work past retirement—but is ageism an issue faced in the workplace? Sarah Speight investigates.

Why patent eligibility is ripe for SCOTUS review

24-10-2022Phil Harris

A recent case has only added to the clamour for clarity on Section 101, says Phil Harris of Holland & Hart.

The outsider’s vision: Daren Tang, WIPO

International, Singapore20-10-2022Muireann Bolger

The first Asian director general of the World Intellectual Property Organization, Daren Tang, tells Muireann Bolger why he aims to serve the underserved in IP.

The Warhol 'Prince series' conundrum

20-10-2022Bill Frankel

The justices grappled with determining fair or derivative use in Warhol’s depiction of Prince, says Bill Frankel of Crowell & Moring.

Valuation models for design patents

19-10-2022Mauricio Uribe

Design patents have more potential for profit than meets the eye, says Mauricio Uribe of Knobbe Martens.

Geofabrics v Fiberweb: 'A rare judgment'

UK18-10-2022 Owen Waugh

A dispute over a rail track patent shows how judges may resolve counterfactual enquiries, says Owen Waugh of EIP.

Breaking the mould: Julius Stobbs on authenticity

International17-10-2022Julius Stobbs

You may not be able to change your firm’s make-up overnight, but you can be authentic throughout the diversity journey, says Julius Stobbs, founder of Stobbs IP.

Ed Sheeran's US copyright woes: A UK perspective

14-10-2022Carl Steele and Chris Fotheringham

As the singer faces a US jury trial over his hit song, he will find proceedings different to his experience at home, say Carl Steele and Chris Fotheringham of Ashfords.

Showing 101 to 110 of 3693 results


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