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WIPR Leaders 2019: Canada Trademarks Practice Update

Canada23-01-2019Meghan Dillon

There is a ray of hope for trademark owners with registrations covering hotel services without a ‘bricks and mortar’ hotel in Canada. Meghan Dillon of Bereskin & Parr reports.

WIPR Leaders 2019: Sweden Patents Practice Update

Sweden23-01-2019Maria Zamkova

Swedish authorities are coming together to tackle the problem of pirated goods, as Maria Zamkova of Fenix Legal reports.

WIPR Leaders 2019: Russia Patents Practice Update

Russia23-01-2019Nikolay Bogdanov

There have been several legislative updates to the patent law in Russia. Nikolay Bogdanov of Gorodissky & Partners provides an overview of the patent regime.

WIPR Leaders 2019: Germany Patents Practice Update

Germany22-01-2019Jens Künzel

Jens Künzel of Krieger Mes & Graf v der Groeben provides a selection of decisions by Germany’s courts on patent infringement in 2017 and 2018.

IP Pages 2019: Message from the Kyosei president


Since our establishment as an IP law firm in 1970, we at Kyosei International Patent Office have been providing individuals and a variety of companies and other organisations with professional services to protect and enhance their IP rights.

IP Pages 2019: The inevitable loss of billions in patent rights

US22-01-2019Paul J Sutton

A hypothetical scenario is set forth below to illustrate what occurs among dozens of companies holding patents covering highly successful pharmaceuticals. While the scenario relates to pharmaceuticals, the same circumstances will occur for mechanical, chemical, electrical, software, and business method devices and systems.

IP Pages 2019: Recent developments in the Austrian IP landscape

Austria21-01-2019Peter Israiloff

An amendment to Austria’s Patent Attorneys’ Act, which involves slight adjustments to several IP acts, is under consideration. Its main focus lies on freedom to provide services of patent attorneys within the EU.

Sisvel interview: The benefits of a dip in the pool


European patent pool administrator Sisvel is trying hard to reduce the transaction costs for companies engaged in licensing, despite the numerous complexities and challenges in the market today, as the company’s CEO Mattia Fogliacco tells WIPR.

FRAND News Analysis: More room for manoeuvre


A recent decision of the English Court of Appeal has cemented the UK’s position as an attractive forum for patent owners to resolve FRAND licensing disputes. WIPR reports.

Self-driving cars: Putting IP in the driving seat


A place where hardware and software combine, the self-driving car industry is exciting and complex, not least from an IP perspective, as WIPR finds out.

Showing 11 to 20 of 2689 results