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A new era for business disputes in Japan

Japan17-01-2023Ryo Maruyama

The country’s first dedicated Business Court will offer more collaboration on IP cases, state-of-the-art facilities for use in lawsuits and access to expert advice, says Ryo Maruyama of Kyosei International Patent Office.

Japan: The end of ‘multi-multi claims’

Japan29-06-2022Ryo Maruyama

Multi-multi claims are no longer allowed and applicants for patent and utility models need to be careful, warns Ryo Maruyama of Kyosei International Patent Office.

Japan: Tighter controls on the influx of counterfeit goods

Japan24-04-2022Ryo Maruyama

Keeping in step with the recent growth of e-commerce, there has been a rapid increase in the number of cases where foreign business entities directly sell and send by mail a small amount of counterfeit goods to individuals residing in Japan.

Business Brief 2021: Japan

Japan08-06-2021Ryo Maruyama

Design rights are now effective for 25 years from the date of application, and the conventional definition of design has changed significantly. Ryo Maruyama of Kyosei International Patent Office reports.

Japan: A major design change

Japan10-08-2020Ryo Maruyama

Ryo Maruyama of Kyosei International Patent Office reports on the new protection offered under the recently amended Japanese Design Law.

IP Pages 2019: Message from the Kyosei president


Since our establishment as an IP law firm in 1970, we at Kyosei International Patent Office have been providing individuals and a variety of companies and other organisations with professional services to protect and enhance their IP rights.

Japan jurisdiction report: Moral rights and stories

Japan17-09-2018Ryo Maruyama

In August this year, a person launched a product that consists of a plantlet of a baobab tree in a package on which the title Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince), original illustrations, and a short story relating to the sale of a baobab tree are printed.

Business brief 2018: Japan

Japan22-05-2018Ryo Maruyama

Japan jurisdiction report: The treatment of exclusive-use licences

Japan18-05-2018Ryo Maruyama

In Japan, there are two different types of exclusive-use licences relating to patents: (1) a senyo jisshiken (a registered exclusive licence), and (2) a dokusenteki tsujo jisshiken (a semi-exclusive licence).

Japan jurisdiction report: Policies for better service

Japan09-04-2018Ryo Maruyama

Since Naoko Munakata assumed the position as commissioner of the Japan Patent Office (JPO), on July 5, 2017, the JPO’s IP policies have been smoothly and dramatically improved, driven by Munakata’s intelligence and the practical knowledge that she obtained while working for Prime Minister Shinzō Abe.

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