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Submission claims and evidence in trademark proceedings


The objective of this article is to show the significance of submitting claims and evidence in trademark status and opposition proceedings before the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office (HIPO) in a timely manner.

Trademark use and national boundaries

Hungary01-04-2013Michael Lantos

This article does not intend to provide yet another comment on the issue of using community trademarks (CTMs) in one or more countries since the Onel decision has made it clear that use of a CTM is not dependent on national boundaries.

Lingerie and sunglasses: how do we wear them?

Hungary01-02-2013Judit Lantos

HIPO held in an opposition proceeding last year that: “Chantelle luxury women’s lingerie has a good reputation in the relevant part of the EU, especially in France, Germany and Spain, and therefore deserves broader trademark protection.”

Border measures in Hungary

Hungary01-12-2012Eva Ulviczki

Cabinet Decree 371/2004 was published on December 26, 2004 and became effective on January 1, 2005, covering specific border measures which can be instituted when certain intellectual property rights are infringed.

How broadly should courts interpret patent claims?

Hungary01-10-2012Michael Lantos

A German company has a Hungarian patent that covers a fuel gun with a removable rear display surface.

The never-ending patent story

Hungary01-08-2012Michael Lantos

A Hungarian inventor designed a sports shoe intended mainly for football players.

Technology transfer and assignment of IP rights: registration of the facts

Hungary01-06-2012Michael Lantos

The methods for registering different IP rights at the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office are, in the main, uniform, but owing to a few special properties of the trademark system, there are a few differences.

Granting SPCs for single compounds with differing uses

Hungary01-04-2012Imre Molnár

The EU has two council regulations regarding SPCs: one concerning the creation of an SPC for human and veterinary medicinal products; and another concerning the creation of an SPC for plant protection products.

Patent translations: old and new problems

Hungary01-02-2012Michael Lantos

Several changes to the Hungarian Patent Law became effective on January 1, 2012, partly to align national law with the requirements of the London Agreement, to which Hungary signed in 2011.

Italian company tries to protect 'Virginia' in Hungary

Hungary01-10-2011Alexander Vida

Italian company Amaretti Virginia applied for international trademark protection for the designation ‘Virginia’ and included Hungary as a territory in its application.

Showing 1 to 10 of 18 results