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Transforming Trademarks in Argentina

Argentina, International, US23-05-2018

The past two years have seen some important changes to IP protection in Argentina, and there are more on the way, as Dámaso Pardo, President of the Instituto Nacional de la Propiedad Industrial, explains to Aislinn Burton.

Defending Travel Trademarks

International, US23-05-2018

Policing brands in the travel industry has become more complicated with the proliferation of phishing sites and keyword advertising. Sarah Morgan reports.

It’s Not Fair

EU, Greece, International, Switzerland, US23-05-2018

Keeping in line with unfair competition laws requires different approaches across jurisdictions. Aislinn Burton reports.

Business brief 2018: Nigeria

Nigeria23-05-2018John Onyido and Oluwasolape Owoyemi

Business brief 2018: Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka23-05-2018Anomi Wanigasekera and Wathsala Samaranayake

Business brief 2018: UAE

23-05-2018Munir Suboh

Business brief 2018: UK

UK23-05-2018Alison Simpson

How Advertising Campaigns Can Change the World

Colombia, International, US22-05-2018

Advertising campaigns have the ability to change the world and drive peace initiatives, as Francisco Samper told registrants at yesterday’s Lunch and Learn.

The Top 10 Trademark Developments from China

China, International, US22-05-2018

Anna Mae Koo and Ann Xu of Vivien Chan & Co. (Hong Kong SAR, China, and China) discuss the top 10 updates this year from the China Trademark Office and the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board.

A Chic Approach to IP

International, US22-05-2018

Fashion brand Marc Jacobs International, LLC adopts as creative an approach to IP registration and enforcement as it does to its designs, says Antonio Borrelli, the company’s Vice President, Associate General Counsel, in an interview with Ed Conlon.

Showing 71 to 80 of 1074 results