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Mexico: Partially correct

Mexico16-12-2021Vanessa Rondeau

The introduction of partial non-use cancellation actions in Mexico was welcome, but will they have the intended impact, asks Vanessa Rondeau of Uhthoff, Gómez Vega & Uhthoff.

Power of attorney: Angolan Court establishes new deadlines

Angola14-12-2021Miguel Bibe

A lack of clarity around late filing of power of attorney under Angolan IP law could pose potential future problems, as Miguel Bibe of Inventa explains.

A marked challenge: why Cyprus failed in its latest Halloumi battle

EU14-12-2021Constantin Eikel

The judgments handed down by the EU General Court relating to the IP safeguarding Halloumi cheese shows the limitations of relying on arguments based on collective marks, says Constantin Eikel of Bird & Bird.

Emerging tech: the need for robust IP protection

India13-12-2021Manisha Singh

As innovative businesses embrace new technologies, it is vital that IP practitioners have the skillset to ensure clients have adequate protection and clearance, says Manisha Singh of LexOrbis.

Developing an effective Africa IP plan

Africa09-12-2021Mariëtte du Plessis, Simon Brown, Nicky Garnett and Nthabiseng Phaswana

The continent’s patchwork of IP systems can seem like the Wild West, but Africa has plenty of protection if you know where to look, explains Mariëtte du Plessis, Simon Brown, Nicky Garnett, and Nthabiseng Phaswana of Adams & Adams.

Italy: A new step in IP harmonisation

Italy06-12-2021Mauro Bronzini

The recent Decree No. 119 promulgated by the Ministry of Economic Development on June 1, 2021, and entered into force on September 9, 2021, amends the Implementing Regulation of the Industrial Property Code, and represents a progress in the harmonisation of the national legal system after the EU Directive No. 2015/2436 and a subsequent Legislative Decree of 2019.

Sponsored content: Mercado Libre partners with brands against counterfeits and piracy in Latin America

30-11-2021Jacobo Cohen Imach

Latin America’s leading e-commerce technology company has launched a new partnership with brands to help create a counterfeit and piracy-free digital environment, explains Jacobo Cohen Imach of Mercado Libre.

Purple trademarks: a sequel to Nestlé v Cadbury?

UK29-11-2021Alex Borthwick and Dominic Reilly

It is hardly surprising that protracted litigation has arisen out of attempts by established household brands to register colours as trademarks, explain Alex Borthwick and Dominic Reilly of Powell Gilbert.

Russia: A new way to protect designs

EU, Russia28-11-2021Irmeli Nokkanen and Mariya Beltyukova

The Eurasian Patent Office started accepting Eurasian design patent applications in June this year, adding another route for applicants seeking protection in the region, explain Irmeli Nokkanen and Mariya Beltyukova of Papula-Nevinpat.

Sponsored content: Digital IP management in a plug and play solution

International25-11-2021Ovidiu Dulacioiu

SMEs can benefit from a sophisticated integrated document management system designed specifically for them, explains Ovidiu Dulacioiu of Dennemeyer.

Showing 61 to 70 of 1462 results


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