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No break for Nestlé?

EU27-07-2018Alexander Heirwegh

The CJEU’s KitKat ruling shows that companies seeking to trademark the shape of their products in the EU must carefully prepare and assess their survey, market and advertising evidence before filing an application, as Alexander Heirwegh of law firm Petillion reports.

The story of ‘Black Friday’ in Germany

Germany18-07-2018Michael Frank

The cancellation of the ‘Black Friday’ trademark in Germany shows that terms in widespread use are vulnerable to cancellation, as Michael Frank of Brandstock reports.

Event preview: ECTA 2018

EU, Greece01-06-2018

ECTA’s Annual Conference this year will be held in Athens, from June 13 to 16, as WIPR finds out.

The Confusion of Copyright Fair Use

International, US25-05-2018

“It would be hard to find anyone in this room who would not be confused as to where copyright fair use is today,” said Kate Spelman, Senior Copyright Counsel at Microsoft.

Collaborative Branding: Trademark Lawyers and Marketers


Although a company’s marketing and legal departments often have contrasting approaches to brands, it’s necessary for the teams to build trust and cultivate a positive working relationship, as Aislinn Burton finds out.

Building Bridges with E-Platforms and Law Enforcement

China, International, US25-05-2018

China is the world’s largest e-commerce market, and a prospective new law will change things for trademark owners tackling infringement online. Sarah Morgan reports.

Blue-Sky Thinking

International, US23-05-2018

Aislinn Burton catches up with INTA’s Director of Legal Resources, Liz Hanellin, about the Association’s expanding focus and how her department helps members to find important IP resources at the click of a button.

Getting IP to the Top of the Agenda

International, US23-05-2018

Deborah Cohn, INTA’s Senior Director of Government Relations, is responsible for getting IP issues heard by in the U.S. Government, as she tells Sarah Morgan.

Going to the Next Level

EU, International, US23-05-2018

Brand owners have been largely reluctant to explore the potential uses of “dot brand” top-level domains, but many companies may be happy just to have one, as Sarah Morgan finds out.

Choose Your Battles

International, US23-05-2018

As the workload of the U.S. Trademark Trial and Appeal Board grows, Gerard Rogers, Chief Administrative Trademark Judge, explains the challenges and his priorities to Ed Conlon.

Showing 41 to 50 of 1056 results