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Green ambition

International20-05-2022Muireann Bolger

Fashions come and go, but as pressure mounts on apparel companies to become greener, branding experts can advise on how an ethical brand ethos can stay in vogue, reports Muireann Bolger.

Changing names: the perils of rebranding

International19-05-2022Tom Phillips

Whether by design or decree, rebranding a business is beset with challenges, finds Tom Phillips.

The biggest challenge of loneliness is admitting it

International13-05-2022Charlène Gisèle

Of all the mental health concerns IP lawyers face, loneliness is the least spoken about. This needs to change, says Charlène Gisèle, a former corporate lawyer turned high-performance coach.

How important is IP to the balance sheet? A CFO’s perspective

China, Singapore09-05-2022

Frank Luo, chief financial officer at Lazada Group, sat down with WIPR to discuss how the e-commerce platform manages its intangible assets.

Event Preview: Designing the future: ECTA’s 40TH Annual Conference

EU05-05-2022Mladen Vukmir

This year’s ECTA Conference, on June 15–18, includes great speakers, an engaging programme and exciting gatherings—plus a raft of new receptions and workshops, says Mladen Vukmir, first vice-president of ECTA.

Weeding out bad faith trademarks

China27-04-2022Haoyu Feng

Rogue behaviour by Chinese trademark agencies is a warning to applicants, explains Haoyu Feng of Chofn.

Five ways IP can help young professionals

International26-04-2022Mark Simpson

Knowing the part intellectual property plays in driving creativity will put you one step ahead of the competition, says Mark Simpson of Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr.

Sweden: Firmer protection needed for Cypriot cheese

Sweden24-04-2022Petter Rindforth

Do you produce a specific cheese, in a certain country/area, with specified ingredients and identified by a specific name, and want to avoid parasites?

Mexico: The declaration of famous trademarks

Mexico24-04-2022Selene Villafaña Robles

In recent years, famous and well-known trademarks have gained worldwide relevance. They don’t just prevent the registration of a third party’s identical or confusingly similar trademark, they also represent the right to stop parties registering a mark similar to a “well-known or famous” trademark without the brand owner’s authorisation.

Japan: Tighter controls on the influx of counterfeit goods

Japan24-04-2022Ryo Maruyama

Keeping in step with the recent growth of e-commerce, there has been a rapid increase in the number of cases where foreign business entities directly sell and send by mail a small amount of counterfeit goods to individuals residing in Japan.

Showing 31 to 40 of 1462 results


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