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Finding Solutions Together

China, International19-05-2018

China has the world’s largest economy by purchasing power parity, and so it is no surprise that it also is a major market for counterfeit goods. But there is a more positive side to the story, as Seth Hays, INTA’s Chief Representative Officer, Asia-Pacific and China, tells Aaron McDonald.

Anticounterfeiting Workshop: a Rare Opportunity to Exchange Views

International19-05-2018Aislinn Burton

In a closed, sold-out session today, government officials, corporate in-house representatives, and digital commerce service providers will have a rare opportunity to exchange best practices and views on tackling online counterfeiting. Aislinn Burton reports.

Time Out in Seattle

International, US19-05-2018Travel

If you’re short of ideas for what to do in your spare time during the Annual Meeting, you may want to consider a baseball game or even a mountain hike, as Aaron McDonald reports.

Success Is All in the Planning

International, US19-05-2018

This year’s Annual Meeting Co-Chairs, Dana Brown Northcott and Axel Nordemann, tell Aislinn Burton why Seattle is such a great host city and discuss what registrants can expect across the five-day program.

‘Wherever They Go, We Will Follow Them’

EU, International, UK, US19-05-2018

Counterfeiters are increasingly hard to catch, but the authorities are as committed and astute as ever in their pursuit of criminals. Sarah Morgan speaks to two enforcement agencies trying to stem the tide of fakes.

Fighting Fakes in Professional Sports

International, US19-05-2018Sports

Ever wondered how your favorite sports team tackles counterfeit goods? A session on Monday will have the answers. Aaron McDonald interviews one of the panelists.

Pharmaceutical Counterfeiting: Hear from the Experts

International, US19-05-2018

Counterfeit pharmaceuticals can cause problems far beyond brand damage and trademark infringement, as Aaron McDonald learns from two industry insiders.

The Joy of Travel

International, US19-05-2018

The newly rebranded Expedia Group, Inc. faces unusual trademark enforcement challenges as an online company, and is looking forward to a major relocation in 2019, as Expedia Group Senior Counsel Michael Graham tells Ed Conlon.

IP Down Under: Defense at the Border

Australia, International, US19-05-2018

Surrounded entirely by ocean, Australia is well placed to defend itself from imported counterfeit goods, as Patricia Kelly, Director General of IP Australia, tells Sarah Morgan.

EU Trade Mark Reforms: the Answers You’ve Been Looking For

EU, International, US19-05-2018

Since the second wave of EU trade mark reforms were introduced in October 2017, several questions have come up time and again. Dimitris Botis, Deputy Director of Legal Affairs in the International Cooperation and Legal Affairs Department at the European Union Intellectual Property Office, gives Ed Conlon the answers.

Showing 131 to 140 of 1074 results


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