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The judiciary in action at last

Peru01-12-2010Alain C. Delion

The Peruvian judiciary provided a pleasant surprise recently, with its view of an appeal against a Peruvian Patent and Trademark Office (INDECOPI) resolution rejecting a trademark opposition case.

Breathing life into expired patents

South Africa01-12-2010Jaco Theunissen

Judge Southwood, sitting as the Commissioner of the Court of Patents, recently handed down judgment in Audiosport International v. The Registrar of Patents, Soundsure CC and the South African Rugby Union.

Indirect infringement of patents

UK01-12-2010Sebastian Moore and Daniel Pearce

Until now, there was little guidance from the UK courts on the scope of indirect (or contributory) patent infringement under section 60(2) of the Patents Act, 1977 (PA77).

Avoid false patent marking pitfalls

US01-12-2010Paul J. Sutton

False patent marking has become an increasingly popular ‘bounty hunting’ basis for US litigation. The targets of such false lawsuits face huge legal fees and potentially huge monetary judgments.

An interview with Benoît Battistelli, European Patent Organisation


Benoît Battistelli became the European patent office’s president in July, after a protracted election process. WIPR spoke to him about his initial tasks and future plans.

Paying dividends: IP and green energy


The BP oil spill was a stark reminder that alternatives to oil must be found, and fast. WIPR looks at the role intellectual property can play in meeting that challenge.

The ITC explained: WIPR talks to Deanna Tanner Okun


Deanna Tanner Okun, chairman of the US International Trade Commission, talks to WIPR about the ITC ’s statutory mission and her role within it.

Why NPEs prefer the ITC

01-10-2010James Coughlan & John Schnurer

While non-practising entities still enforce their patents in US district courts, there's been an increase in those using the International Trade Commission. James Coughlan and John Schnurer explain why.

ITC clarifies domestic industry requirement

01-10-2010Kenneth Adamo & David Maiorana

The recent Coaxial Cable decision confirms that patent litigation activities related to licensing may meet the USITC's domestic industry requirements. Kenneth Adamo and David Maiorana explain

Machine or transformation? Bilski in India

India01-10-2010Anuradha Salhotra

The US Supreme Court’s recent decision in Bilski v. Kappos has implications for business method patents in India, says Anuradha Salhotra.

Showing 841 to 850 of 917 results


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