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USPTO boss Andrei Iancu: in-tray on day one


Subject matter eligibility, the future of the IPR and fee diversion are among the problems that new USPTO boss Andrei Iancu will need to address in his role, as WIPR reports.

Improving patent procedures globally: how the European patent system could break the deadlock

EPO, EU22-02-2018Martin Chatel

The system for validating patents can be used by European applicants to streamline filing processes globally and generate efficiency gains in other areas, as Martin Chatel of Dennemeyer & Associates reports.

US jurisdiction report: Powwows for patent owners

US19-02-2018Paul J Sutton

It has been years since indigenous tribes located in North America, commonly referred to as Native Americans, have been participants in a war involving the US government. However, a new and very different type of intellectual property-related war is currently brewing and it involves, of all things, US patents that have been granted.

Italy jurisdiction report: Patent rights for self-employed workers

Italy15-02-2018Davide Aldo Falzoni

In 2017, the Italian legislator approved the so-called ‘Jobs Act for Self-Employed Workers’, to shed some light on the ownership of patent rights when an R&D activity is outsourced.

Germany jurisdiction report: The difference between repair and remake

Germany15-02-2018Jens Künzel

The rules on exhaustion of patent rights allow a patented product which has been brought onto the market with the consent of the patent owner to be used by the buyer.

China jurisdiction report: Competition rules in app stores

China13-02-2018Jian Kun Feng and Xu Li

In recent years, the mobile app market has become a major battleground in the area of smartphones. App stores are the competitive focus among all the phone manufacturers and third party downloadable service providers. However, there has not been any concrete regulation on app market competition, thus causing many disputes between the various interested parties, some of which have brought cases before the courts.

Conference preview: ACI Expert Forum on ITC Litigation & Enforcement


The interplay of the PTAB and the ITC will be a key topic of the ACI’s 10th Expert Forum on ITC Litigation & Enforcement, in March 2018, as WIPR finds out.

News analysis: A poisoned chalice for the EPO’s new boss?


With staff morale one of the pressing challenges facing the EPO’s president-elect António Campinos, WIPR considers whether he can bring staff and management closer together.

The way ahead for NAFTA

Canada, Mexico, US01-12-2017

Mexico’s IP system has benefited from the North American Free Trade Agreement, signed nearly 25 years ago, but there are concerns over the US’s future participation, as WIPR finds out.

Pulling the plug on INPI’s backlog

Brazil29-11-2017Rana Gosain and André Venturini

The patent backlog in Brazil has long caused concern in IP circles, but the government seems finally to have found a solution, as Rana Gosain and André Venturini of Daniel Legal & IP Strategy report.

Showing 61 to 70 of 909 results