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IP Pages 2019: Recent developments in the Austrian IP landscape

Austria21-01-2019Peter Israiloff

An amendment to Austria’s Patent Attorneys’ Act, which involves slight adjustments to several IP acts, is under consideration. Its main focus lies on freedom to provide services of patent attorneys within the EU.

Sisvel interview: The benefits of a dip in the pool


European patent pool administrator Sisvel is trying hard to reduce the transaction costs for companies engaged in licensing, despite the numerous complexities and challenges in the market today, as the company’s CEO Mattia Fogliacco tells WIPR.

Self-driving cars: Putting IP in the driving seat


A place where hardware and software combine, the self-driving car industry is exciting and complex, not least from an IP perspective, as WIPR finds out.

Brexit: 'The sooner this is sorted, the better'

EU, UK12-12-2018

In the previous issue of WIPR we asked leading UK-based IP firms about the impact that Brexit will have on their business; now, we turn to firms in the EU to get their take.

Business in ASEAN: A collective strategy for IP

Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand08-12-2018

A clear and collaborative approach to IP in the ASEAN region will benefit businesses seeking to invest there, as Robert Yap, chairman of the ASEAN Business Advisory Council, tells WIPR.

Brazil patent examination: Defying the backlog

Brazil06-12-2018Gustavo Sartori and Rana Gosain

Despite a reputation for being slow to grant patents, Brazil’s IP office has introduced a number of programmes to expedite examination—with some positive results. Gustavo Sartori and Rana Gosain of Daniel Law report.

China utility models: Fast and flexible IP protection

China06-12-2018Xiaojun Guo

China’s Supreme People’s Court has shed light on the scope of protection of utility model patents, as Xiaojun Guo of CCPIT Patent and Trademark Law Office explains.

Dennemeyer advertising feature: A creative approach to patent preparation

05-12-2018Steven Shape and Malte Köllner

Dennemeyer & Associates’ Frosecution solution assists with global patent filing, as Steven Shape and Malte Köllner of the company explain.

UK patent case law: The rules on equivalence

UK04-12-2018Douglas Drysdale

More than a year after the UK Supreme Court’s decision on the doctrine of equivalents, Douglas Drysdale of HGF explores how the ruling has affected the patent landscape.

Cost-effective patent research: The dynamic path to patent quality

US03-12-2018Andrea Walsh and Cris Flagg

In the last of their three-part series, Andrea Walsh and Cris Flagg of Express Search propose dynamic patentability searches during the patent procurement process to optimise cost-effective research strategies.

Showing 11 to 20 of 988 results


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