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DABUS: AI missed opportunity?

UK14-10-2021David Brinck

Lord Justice Birss’ dissenting judgment offered a workaround to a deficiency in the UK patents system, argues David Brinck of EIP.

Patents in Africa: ARIPO vs contracting states' laws

Africa14-10-2021Marisol Cardoso

When patenting in Africa, the easy route is not always best, says Marisol Cardoso of Inventa International.

Mental health and tech: what role can IP play?

International11-10-2021Alex Gardiner

Rapid technological advances have exerted positive and negative effects on our mental health, so how can the law and IP help swing the pendulum in favour of the former, asks Alex Gardiner of EIP.

India jurisdiction report: A new era of IP litigation in India

India05-10-2021DPS Parmar

While there was no immediate need to abolish a well-established and functional institution such as India’s Intellectual Property Appellate Board, the global trend favours the centralised handling of certain IP disputes such as patents infringements, revocation and appeal cases.

Will the latest patent bills increase diversity and transparency in the patent system?

01-10-2021Linda Thayer

A pair of patent bills are aiming to boost D&I and accountability in the IP system, but certain aspects of the proposals run the risk of reinforcing the status quo, argues Linda Thayer of Finnegan.

Italy jurisdiction report: A change in IP philosophy

Italy29-09-2021Claudio Balboni and Francesco Venturoli

The Italian philosopher, semiotician, cultural critic, and novelist Umberto Eco divided the human predisposition into two categories: the “apocalyptic” on the one hand and the “integrated” on the other.

Has Justice Birss found a route for AI inventorship?

UK24-09-2021Muireann Bolger

While the campaign to list DABUS as an inventor appeared to be waning, could a controversial opinion by Justice Birss herald a change of fortune?

Strategies for generic/biosimilar market entry in Australia

Australia23-09-2021Naomi Pearce

After surviving the Great Patent Cliff of 2011–2016, the pharma/biopharma industry finds itself in the Second Great Patent Cliff of 2019–2024. With it we find low-hanging fruit for generic/biosimilar market entrants, and the importance of having an elegant patent strategy enabling early market entry for generics and biosimilars is underscored.

Event preview: A sneak peek at LES Annual Meeting 2021


Registration is now open for the Licensing Executive Society’s Annual Meeting 2021, a four-day virtual event for IP and licensing professionals.

DABUS: the ‘natural person’ problem

International17-09-2021Miguel Bibe

Its creators may have lauded the award of a South Africa patent as a step forward for AI but, without legislation, DABUS will struggle to get further, argues Miguel Bibe of Inventa International.

Showing 1 to 10 of 1276 results