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Unwired Planet: Another UK battle over sovereignty

30-10-2019Jim Beveridge

Brexit and the Unwired Planet appeal reveal intertwined issues coming to a head in London this autumn, argues Jim Beveridge of the Innovators' Network.

ASIPI 2019: Cultural capital

Australia, New Zealand, Peru28-10-2019Rory O'Neill

Indigenous and traditional knowledge encompasses the notion of rightful ownership over cultural expressions, language, and customs. Today there is an expectation on all IP owners and IP offices to respect the cultures and innovations of indigenous people. Rory O’Neill reports on the approach of IP offices in several countries.

ASIPI 2019: A growing market

Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru28-10-2019Tom Phillips

The protection of IP rights for plant varieties is very important for future innovations in yields, disease reduction and food safety, as Tom Phillips discovers.

ASIPI 2019: The biopiracy problem

Costa Rica, Peru28-10-2019Tom Phillips

Biopiracy is the theft of genetic resources from some of the most diverse and vulnerable habitats on earth. Tom Phillips examines the issue ahead of a session at ASIPI.

ASIPI 2019: Form or function?

Hungary, Peru28-10-2019Tom Phillips

Should a product’s aesthetic elements be viable for protection in their own right? Courts across the world struggle to agree on what is protectable. Tom Phillips previews a session on the topic.

ASIPI 2019: Going green

Peru28-10-2019Rory O'Neill

At this year’s ASIPI Congress the organisation is joining forces with INDECOPI, the Peruvian national IP office, to promote the Green Patent contest. The competition is part of an annual initiative run by INDECOPI, and this year is adopting the theme of promoting inventions that have a positive environmental impact. Rory O’Neill reports.

ASIPI 2019: Dealing with the innovation gap

Caribbean, Chile, Costa Rica28-10-2019Sarah Morgan

More must be done throughout Latin America to drive innovation, as it lags behind R&D in other countries. Sarah Morgan reports.

D+I = Innovation = Impact on the bottom line

International15-10-2019Wendy Choi

Wendy Choi of materials science and manufacturing company Avery Dennison explains her passion for diversity and inclusion and its importance to innovation—and ultimately the profit margin.

IP World Forum: interview with Danielle Lewensohn, RaySearch Laboratories

04-10-2019Danielle Lewensohn

In the run up to the IP World Forum in Amsterdam on October 21 to 23, WIPR caught up with the event’s chair, Danielle Lewensohn, director of IP rights management at RaySearch Laboratories.

Conference preview: The Licensing Executives Society Annual Meeting

04-10-2019Carol Fusaro

The Licensing Executives Society 2019 Annual Meeting features world-renowned speakers and cutting-edge programming on IP and licensing.

Showing 1 to 10 of 1063 results