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Taking off the cloak of invisibility

International05-12-2023MaryAnne Armstrong

Many from traditionally marginalised groups such as the LGBTQ+ community struggle to reveal their true selves at work. MaryAnne Armstrong of Birch, Stewart, Kolasch & Birch explores some insights drawn from interviewing members of marginalised groups.

Solving while we work: The AI startup that raised $3m in just a few months

01-12-2023Tom Phillips

Three AI experts with big ambitions are hoping that their patent writing tool will win the legal tech race—and investors seem to agree, finds Tom Phillips.

‘The EPO can manage it—I’m baffled why the UPC can’t’: Test case challenges court’s ‘request for access’ rule

EU28-11-2023Muireann Bolger

Is the court’s public access rule unfit for purpose? Lawyers at Mathys & Squire are arguing for pleadings and evidence to be automatically made available on request, finds Muireann Bolger.

The UPC is off to a ‘flying start’ but faces critical decision over transparency

EU22-11-2023Muireann Bolger

Concerns over access to documents and information are growing—and what the court does next may define the forum. Muireann Bolger speaks with Marks & Clerk, Zoeller, Bird & Bird and EIP to hear why.

Video codecs: the next episode in the SEP drama series

United States21-11-2023TV and film, Wireless technologyRichard Vary, Bird & Bird

Nokia’s multiple lawsuits could be the pilot for a new season of litigation over TV streaming technology, explains Richard Vary of Bird & Bird.

Weight loss drugs: The impact of NICE and the FDA

UK10-11-2023Sarah Gibbs and Emma Lyons

With weight-loss drugs on the rise, regulatory approval is shaping the lucrative market in the UK and US, explain Sarah Gibbs and Emma Lyons of Appleyard Lees.

Biden’s AI order: 3 key takeaways

09-11-2023Muireann Bolger

The US president’s roadmap puts pressure on the USPTO to answer the AI patentability question and provide guidance, finds Muireann Bolger.

Debunking the ‘SANi patent’ myth

Nigeria, South Africa03-11-2023Marco Vatta

Why are people asking for a South Africa-Nigeria IP protection that doesn’t exist? Marco Vatta, Partner at Spoor & Fisher unpicks a mystery.

'Trump too small': SCOTUS can stop being the trademark police’, say lawyers

02-11-2023Muireann Bolger

The US’ top court is leaning towards the USPTO’s position in ‘Trump too Small’, finds Muireann Bolger.

Is EU standard-essential patent regulation a non-starter?

EU31-10-2023Sarah Speight

Criticism of the European Commission’s proposal to regulate standard-essential patents is mounting from prominent voices, making implementation look increasingly unlikely, finds Sarah Speight.

Showing 1 to 10 of 1485 results


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