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Star Wars: protecting and exploiting IP in Space


The rise of commercial space exploration could have profound implications for intellectual property rights, as WIPR finds out.

Trade relations: Sending in the big guns

China, US11-04-2019

As the US and China remain at trade loggerheads, WIPR investigates whether the Trump administration is overreaching the scope of its trade tools in its fight against Chinese bad actors.

Life sciences: It pays to be wary over CRISPR

EU, US10-04-2019Claire Irvine

The CRISPR IP saga continues and serious freedom-to-operate issues remain. Claire Irvine of HGF offers advice for those entering the fray.

Made for each other: AI and IP

EU, US09-04-2019Angelica Garcia and Cris Flagg

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have gained a foothold in IP. Angelica Garcia and Cris Flagg of Express Search highlight the opportunities.

IP law: Brazil's law must catch up with inventions

Brazil08-04-2019Rana Gosain

Will emerging technologies urge Brazil to rethink its IP laws? Rana Gosain of Daniel Law explores the issues around patents and software-related inventions.

NAND technology: Open the gates

International08-04-2019Martin Bijman and Trevor Izsak

In the $60bn NAND tech market, patent landscape analysis can give companies the edge, as Martin Bijman and Trevor Izsak of TechInsights explain.

Italy jurisdiction report: Interesting Italian patent decisions

Italy04-04-2019Davide Aldo Falzoni

A decision of the Italian Court of Cassation of November 20, 2017 provided an important principle, according to which the validity of a patent cannot be contested in a proceeding concerning the rights of the dependent-inventor to receive an award from the employee.

Malaysia jurisdiction report: Patentability of computer inventions

Malaysia03-04-2019Dave A Wyatt

The patent eligibility of computer-related inventions is a hot topic worldwide. The situation is seemingly forever in flux as courts and patent offices develop case law on the subject and constantly update their official practices.

US jurisdiction report: Qualcomm’s patent licensing headache

US02-04-2019Paul J Sutton

One might think that a company that owns an enormous and far-reaching patent portfolio would be riding a wave of success, without worries. However, for Qualcomm, that is not the case.

Conference report: Innovation & IP Forum & Awards

EU, France28-03-2019

IP experts met in Paris to celebrate the best IP departments and the best IP advisors across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Leaders League reports.

Showing 1 to 10 of 1001 results