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Battery ban and trade secrets: key takeaways

EU, UK26-10-2020Oliver Laing

The English Court of Appeal has applied UK trade secret regulations to uphold an interim injunction for the first time, blocking the importation of battery components that infringe trade secrets. Oliver Laing of Potter Clarkson reports.

Russia jurisdiction report: Dealing with patent infringements

Russia21-10-2020Erik Viik

The Russian patent litigation system is bifurcated: patent infringement cases are heard by courts, while patent invalidity actions are filed with the Chamber of Patent Disputes, a sub-division of Rospatent, the Russian IP office.

Sweden jurisdiction report: the European innovation leader

Sweden21-10-2020Maria Zamkova

Every year since 2001, the European Innovation Scoreboard has been published, showcasing EU countries’ research and innovation performance. The EIS 2020 edition was released in June—for the first time without the UK since its withdrawal from the EU.

US jurisdiction report: Who should be named as an inventor on a patent?

16-10-2020Paul J Sutton

The question of who should be listed as an inventor or co-inventor on a patent comes up regularly. It is one of the more emotionally fraught issues a patent attorney may regularly face.

UK patent litigation: dawn of a new age?

EU, UK16-10-2020Dominic Adair and Edward Nodder

With a new EU trading relationship and the Unified Patent Court a memory, UK patent litigators have plenty of reasons to be positive, argue Dominic Adair and Edward Nodder of Bristows.

A sticky mess: Pocky ruling further splits the circuits

15-10-2020Julia Anne Matheson

The Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit's finding that Pocky chocolate-dipped sticks are ineligible for trade dress protection could herald the end of trade dress claims within the circuit. Julia Anne Matheson of Potomac Law reports.

Is China the AI leader? Not yet

China, International13-10-2020Huaizhou Shi and Caroline Pallard

Analysis of AI patent families reveals which countries, companies and industries are the real leaders in AI innovation, Huaizhou Shi and Caroline Pallard of NLO explain.

The UK Patent Box—is it delivering?

UK12-10-2020Matthew Smith

Patent Box legislation has been very much in vogue over the last few years. At their heart, such schemes provide tax incentives to companies selling patented products. But there are questions around whether the Patent Box is achieving its lofty goals, says Matthew Smith of Mewburn Ellis.

NPEs: hiding ownership and gaming the system

EU05-10-2020Patrick Oliver

The lack of transparency around NPEs marks a serious problem for the European patent system, argues Patrick Oliver of IP2Innovate.

Justice Colin Birss: on Brexit, Unwired Planet and FRAND in life sciences

28-09-2020Muireann Bolger

Ahead of his appointment to the English Court of Appeal, LSPN Connect spoke with Justice Colin Birss in a typically frank and wide-ranging interview, including the fall-out from Unwired Planet v Huawei.

Showing 1 to 10 of 1159 results