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‘I hate this rule’: the FTC's controversial non-competes ban

17-01-2023Muireann Bolger

A US plan to ban non-compete clauses is like using “an axe rather than a scalpel to perform brain surgery” and may tear up trade secrets protection, finds Muireann Bolger.

The new IP landscape in Russia

Russia, Ukraine17-01-2023Riikka Palmos

Among the devastating and far-reaching consequences of Russia’s attack on Ukraine in February last year, IP in the region has been affected. In particular, the sanctions imposed on Russia and the counteractions of Russia against “unfriendly” countries have raised uncertainty and concern among IP rights holders.

Venezuela: A long way to go

Venezuela17-01-2023Sebastián González Yanes

Venezuela has seen some positive changes in the past few years when it comes to intellectual property, but it still departs from international norms in several areas, says Sebastián González Yanes of Pi.360.

Mexico: All in the details

Mexico17-01-2023Victor Garrido and Christian Thomae

Mexico has made positive changes to its IP system but greater clarity is needed to reassure rights holders. Victor Garrido and Christian Thomae of Dumont round up the key developments in 2022.

A new era for business disputes in Japan

Japan17-01-2023Ryo Maruyama

The country’s first dedicated Business Court will offer more collaboration on IP cases, state-of-the-art facilities for use in lawsuits and access to expert advice, says Ryo Maruyama of Kyosei International Patent Office.

Be aware of university students’ rights as co-inventors

India17-01-2023DPS Parmar

University students who contribute to inventions need to know where they stand from an IP perspective, says DPS Parmar of Lex Orbis.

Running a tight ship: IPR in Greece

Greece17-01-2023Maria Athanassiadou and Fotini Kardiopoulis

The country has updated its legal framework to tackle rights infringement, a tidal wave of counterfeit goods and online copyright, say Maria Athanassiadou and Fotini Kardiopoulis of Dr Helen Papaconstantinou & Partners.

Expedited examination procedures of patent applications in China

China16-01-2023Jinghuan Jia, Lei Su and Frank Jeng

For those with time-sensitive patents to protect, there are two options for speeding up the process in China. Jinghuan Jia, Lei Su and Frank Jeng of Purplevine explore the details.

Patent law in Australia: 2022 in review

Australia16-01-2023Naomi Pearce, Kate Legge and Emily Dwyer

2022 held some fascinating developments in IP litigation, from whether AI can be named as an inventor on a patent, to a decision on PTEs with far-reaching implications. Naomi Pearce, Kate Legge and Emily Dwyer of Pearce IP report.

Winds of change: Africa’s shifting IPR landscape

Africa13-01-2023Somayya Khan and Pieter Visagie

IP reforms swept across the continent in 2022, with trademark laws updated and a heightened focus on patent systems, say Somayya Khan and Pieter Visagie of Adams & Adams.

Showing 1 to 10 of 1404 results