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A profile of patenting activity in Angola

Angola14-04-2021Vítor Sérgio Moreira

The Angolan patent system is used primarily by multinational oil and gas firms, rather than Angolan residents themselves, reports Vítor Sérgio Moreira of Inventa International.

The end of the DABUS affair?

12-04-2021Mauricio Uribe

A hearing in Virginia could prelude the end of a thought-provoking project that challenged traditional notions of inventorship, says Mauricio Uribe of Knobbe Martens.

NHK-Fintiv: reaching the tipping point?

01-04-2021Brenton Babcock and Tyler Train

The Patent Trial and Appeal Board's discretionary denial in view of parallel litigation is at a crossroads, explain Brenton Babcock and Tyler Train of Womble Bond Dickinson

US jurisdiction report: Patent inventorship errors

29-03-2021Paul J Sutton

This article examines the ever-present challenge in correctly designating the true inventors of inventions and their associated patent rights. Where errors have been made in the naming of inventors on patents, the prompt correction of such errors is essential if valid and enforceable patent rights are to be enjoyed.

Sweden jurisdiction report: EUIPO’s CF Similarity tool

EU, Sweden29-03-2021Petter Rindforth

All lawyers, independent on representing the trademark owner or a claimed infringing party, have to deal with the question of similarity of goods or services related to a specific trademark.

Russia jurisdiction report: Landing a licence

Russia29-03-2021Annikki Hämäläinen and Erik Viik

IP owners are free to exploit their rights in different forms, including by entering into licence agreements. Licence agreements are regulated by the Russian Civil Code. Under a licence agreement, one party—the owner—grants or undertakes to grant the other party with the right to use the trademark/patent within the limits stipulated by the contract.

Italy jurisdiction report: Application of the doctrine of equivalents in Italy

EU, Italy29-03-2021Marco Conti

When confronted with the question of whether a technical solution infringes a patent, it is crucial to assess the scope of protection of the patent.

IP services: Staying lean and agile

International29-03-2021Dominique Christ

Well-established project management methods used in other industries can be applied to IP departments, as Dominique Christ of Dennemeyer Consulting explains.

‘Guidance would be incredibly helpful’: a view on UK AI

UK25-03-2021Susan Keston

As the UK government considers legislative changes to safeguard AI inventions, HGF partner and AI expert Susan Keston shares insights on the issues facing AI in the UK.

Patent litigation during the pandemic

25-03-2021Dhananjay Kumar Das

Last year’s US patent litigation landscape appeared to be unchanged by the pandemic, except for a notable increase in activity from patent assertion entities, explains Dhananjay Kumar Das of Sagacious IP.

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