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Patent intelligence: Mastering disruptive innovation through patent intelligence

International, US21-02-2019Andrea Walsh and Cris Flagg

With the emergence of disruptive technologies such as drones, self-driving cars, and gene-editing, now is the time to realise that patent intelligence is critical in determining winners and losers in business competition, say Andrea Walsh and Cris Flagg of Express Search.

Design law US: Points of view

US20-02-2019Daniel Gurfinkel

The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has held that a design can be protected in two dimensions, as Daniel Gurfinkel of Dennemeyer & Associates US explains.

Patent licensing: The fierce debate over FRAND

International20-02-2019Bill Merritt

After years of debate over the best approach to FRAND licensing, it is time for a reasonable—rather than a perfect—solution, says Bill Merritt, president and CEO, InterDigital.

Taiwan jurisdiction report: New patent linkage system

Taiwan13-02-2019Fiona Yin

The amended Pharmaceutical Affairs Act, which embraces the patent linkage system, among others, and was devised to foster better development of the new biomedical industry in Taiwan through early resolution of patent disputes between brand drug and generic drug companies, was promulgated on December 29, 2017.

US jurisdiction report: ITC patent lawsuit as an alternative

US12-02-2019Paul J Sutton

Imagine a board of directors of a US high-tech company which has convened an emergency meeting to address a matter that threatens the very viability of the company. A foreign-based arch competitor has copied exactly the company’s most valuable product. The board has asked the company’s patent attorney to help strategise regarding the options available to it.

Practice tips for the USPTO’s 2019 revised subject matter eligibility guidance

US28-01-2019Jonathan Hines

Jonathan Hines of Erise IP reviews three major changes from the USPTO’s new guidance on subject matter eligibility and provides practitioners with relevant tips for each one.

WIPR Leaders 2019: Russia Patents Practice Update

Russia23-01-2019Nikolay Bogdanov

There have been several legislative updates to the patent law in Russia. Nikolay Bogdanov of Gorodissky & Partners provides an overview of the patent regime.

WIPR Leaders 2019: Germany Patents Practice Update

Germany22-01-2019Jens Künzel

Jens Künzel of Krieger Mes & Graf v der Groeben provides a selection of decisions by Germany’s courts on patent infringement in 2017 and 2018.

IP Pages 2019: Message from the Kyosei president


Since our establishment as an IP law firm in 1970, we at Kyosei International Patent Office have been providing individuals and a variety of companies and other organisations with professional services to protect and enhance their IP rights.

IP Pages 2019: The inevitable loss of billions in patent rights

US22-01-2019Paul J Sutton

A hypothetical scenario is set forth below to illustrate what occurs among dozens of companies holding patents covering highly successful pharmaceuticals. While the scenario relates to pharmaceuticals, the same circumstances will occur for mechanical, chemical, electrical, software, and business method devices and systems.

Showing 1 to 10 of 988 results