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How business can prepare for the Unified Patent Court

EU11-08-2022Emmanuel Gougé, Gina Bicknell and Sarah Taylor

The new Unified Patent Court offers transformational opportunities for businesses in Europe. Emmanuel Gougé, Gina Bicknell and Sarah Taylor from Pinsent Masons explain what firms can do to prepare.

Protecting indigenous rights is key to a sustainable future

Australia09-08-2022Marion Heathcote

Protecting and learning from indigenous people’s traditional wisdom goes hand in hand with innovation in the fight to tackle climate change and ensure a sustainable future, writes Marion Heathcote of Davies Collison Cave on International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples.

IP disclosure: an object lesson in costly errors

UK05-08-2022David Fyfield

A large payout for wasted costs in Cabo Concepts v MGA Entertainment offers important warnings for those involved in disclosure exercises in UK litigation, writes David Fyfield of Mewburn Ellis.

American Axle: Prolonging the controversy


After the Supreme Court denied certiorari, the risk to patent holders has only grown, say Robert McFarlane and Rosanna Gan of Hanson Bridgett LLP.

Nigeria: The role of patents in promoting innovation

Nigeria22-07-2022Queen Ajura Ugbeda

Patents are essential to Nigeria’s growing economy, explains Queen Ajura Ugbeda of Inventa.

Patenting life?

South Africa18-07-2022Marisol Cardoso

The IP system helps everyone to benefit from biotechnology inventions, argues Marisol Cardoso of Inventa.

Why were Toyota, Honda, and GM sued by Intellectual Ventures? Connected cars and patent litigation

Japan14-07-2022Takanori Abe

A litigious and costly period of ‘automotive wars’ has only just begun, says Takanori Abe of Abe & Partners.

UPC kickstarts judicial appointments

EU13-07-2022Muireann Bolger

Long-awaited court takes an important step forward, say lawyers from Mathys & Squire, EIP, Oxon IP, Finnegan.

WTO's COVID deal: more vaccine ‘enabler’ than IP waiver?

International05-07-2022Sarah Speight

The COVID-19 IP agreement promises to enable developing countries more autonomy to produce and distribute vaccines, but it has attracted many critics, finds Sarah Speight.

Patents vs NDAs: often a difficult choice

29-06-2022Paul J Sutton

Owners of inventions and IP, when seeking to monetise them, often face the difficult choice of whether to rely solely upon patent rights versus non-disclosure agreements.

Showing 1 to 10 of 1356 results