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Protecting data in Mexico: what you need to know

Mexico08-06-2016Begoña Cancino

The Mexican statute governing the processing, transfer, use and storage of personal data has been in place for six years, as Begoña Cancino of Creel, García-Cuéllar, Aiza y Enriquez reports.

Arbitration: a declining power

India08-06-2016Mahua Roy Chowdhury

Arbitration can be a great way of resolving an IP dispute, but increasingly there are challenges involved with taking this approach, says Mahua Roy Chowdhury of Solomon & Roy.

The interplay between copyright and designs in India

India06-06-2016Shivam Vikram Singh

In India, it has never been easy deciding on cases involving an overlap in IP rights, but it is hoped the courts will soon clear up the ambiguity, says Shivam Vikram Singh of Remfry & Sagar.

Respecting IP: doing the right thing

US27-05-2016Kim Zwollo

Through its Multinational Copyright License, RightsDirect provides easy access to a huge range of publications while respecting their rights at the same time, as Kim Zwollo explains.

Patrix IP Helpware: avoiding bottlenecks

US26-05-2016Stephen Beney

Patrix IP Helpware’s docketing system Patricia allows clients to work more efficiently, including by avoiding logjams of tasks that were once handled by one individual or department. Stephen Beney of Bereskin & Parr provides more details.

China focus: can a leopard change its spots?


China has long been plagued by the problem of counterfeit goods, particularly online. Can the government’s sharpened focus on tackling infringement turn this around? WIPR investigates.

The year ahead: ten IP cases to watch out for in 2016


From Michael Jordan to plain cigarette packaging, some important cases are currently exercising the minds of practitioners and right owners around the world. WIPR reports on the current state of ten of them.

Social media fraud: spotting the flikers

International19-02-2016Stuart Fuller

In the age of mass social media platforms, the need for brand owners to monitor the apparent popularity of products is becoming a primary brand protection strategy, says Stuart Fuller of NetNames.

Cracking the ownership of codes

US03-02-2016Bruce Goldner and Benjamin Howard

Businesses today may think—erroneously—that some of their proprietary software systems are assets that they own the rights to. This can cause problems down the track, as Bruce Goldner and Benjamin Howard of Skadden explain.

Proper compensation: damages in Italy

Italy22-12-2015Alessandro Bura and Virginia Paparozzi

Italian IP laws—which have been amended pursuant to the Enforcement Directive—establish two different regimes to quantify damages, as Virginia Paparozzi and Alessandro Bura of LGV Avvocati explain.

Showing 61 to 70 of 346 results


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