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Q&A: counsel for Lidl on its trademark victory over Tesco

UK20-04-2023Sarah Speight

In a trademark and copyright battle between two supermarket brands, discount store Lidl took on ‘big gun’ Tesco and won. Counsel for Lidl, Ewan Grist of Bird & Bird, tells us more.

Twitter’s source code leak could represent ‘major crisis’

International29-03-2023Sarah Speight

Platform issues subpoena demanding identity of user who leaked code | Security breach coincides with drop in value by more than 50% | Lawyers speculate on employee revenge as motivation following mass layoffs.

Face off: Deepfakes, celebrity ‘appearances’ and the law

UK23-02-2023Sarah Speight

A British TV show that pits deepfaked celebrities as fictional ‘neighbours’ shows how far the tech has developed—but can unauthorised fakes be stopped, asks Sarah Speight.

Rick Astley’s voice ‘theft’ and the limitations of IP

UK08-02-2023Sarah Speight

The famous singer is suing an American rapper for ‘stealing’ his voice, but can a voice really be protected by IP law? Sarah Speight investigates.

Artistic licence: can copyright rein in generative AI?

International02-02-2023Muireann Bolger

In part II of a series on art and AI, Muireann Bolger hears how lawsuits against machine learning ‘artists’ may end with Spotify-style databases of licensed works.

Artistic licence?: Stability AI v Getty Images

UK26-01-2023Muireann Bolger

In the first of a two-part series on art and AI, Muireann Bolger explores a case that opens a Pandora's box of issues over the use of unlicensed creative works.

No love lost: Italy and France clash over image of Venus

Italy17-01-2023Valentina Gazzarri

Jean Paul Gaultier’s use of Botticelli’s famous painting on clothing has led to a fascinating dispute between French fashion house and Italian gallery, says Valentina Gazzarri of Bugnion.

Running a tight ship: IPR in Greece

Greece17-01-2023Maria Athanassiadou and Fotini Kardiopoulis

The country has updated its legal framework to tackle rights infringement, a tidal wave of counterfeit goods and online copyright, say Maria Athanassiadou and Fotini Kardiopoulis of Dr Helen Papaconstantinou & Partners.

Botswana: a thirst for knowledge

Botswana12-01-2023Sofia Araújo and Inês Monteiro Alves

The country's IP Policy is a key part of the its transition to a knowledge-based economy, explain Sofia Araújo and Inês Monteiro Alves of Inventa.

Trade secrets: Coming of age on a global stage

EU09-01-2023Baron Armah-Kwantreng

In today’s data-driven world where intangible assets are paramount, major players are now looking to trade secrets for IP protection. Baron Armah-Kwantreng explores the reasons for this shift and outlines the high-profile cases with billions at stake.

Showing 21 to 30 of 567 results


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