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Civil procedure in Brazil: A new legal broom

Brazil10-08-2015Rafael Rocha and Robert Daniel-Shores

The new Code of Civil Procedure will bring welcome changes to Brazil’s legal landscape, with particular gains for the IP sector, say Rafael Rocha and Robert Daniel-Shores of Daniel Advogados.

IP and government: A Conservative approach

EU, UK10-08-2015

IP does not typically loom large in the minds of politicians, and its virtual absence from discussions in May’s UK general election—with one notable exception—reflects its low profile. Technological advances, however, mean that copyright and trademark law will need to keep up, as WIPR finds out.

Prosecuting software infringement in India

India, UK, US01-05-2015Mahua Roy Chowdhury

The capability of Indian courts to interpret and analyse software infringement has yet to catch up with the rapid pace of technology, but positive signs in the US and UK should help practitioners in India and elsewhere. Mahua Roy Chowdhury of Solomon & Roy reports.

Customs in China: Protecting the border

China01-05-2015Xiang Gao and Stephen Yang

Two modes of IP protection are available to right owners through actions taken by the Chinese customs authorities. Xiang Gao and Stephen Yang of Peksung Intellectual Property explain.

Social media: A watching brief

International, UK, US01-05-2015Stuart Fuller

The monitoring of social media for damaging content is becoming one of the most important weapons used by brands in the battle against online abuse, says Stuart Fuller of NetNames.

Navigating Mexicos import regulations

Mexico01-05-2015Jorge Gómez and Jonathan Rangel

Imported products and services must comply with regulatory requirements that can be imposed by various authorities in Mexico, as Jorge Gómez and Jonathan Rangel of Dumont Bergman Bider & Co describe.

Ten years of the WIPR Annual: a decade of IP developments


To mark the tenth anniversary of the World IP Review Annual publication, we have selected some IP highlights from the past ten years, as well as provided a look ahead to 2016. WIPR reports.

A matter of taste

Netherlands01-05-2015Michiel Rijsdijk

The experience of the taste of food is very personal. Someone’s preferences might change over time, and the tasting experience of food can also change. For good reason, the saying goes ‘there’s no accounting for taste’. This may also imply that a taste is too subjective to be protected by copyright, but a ruling on January 13, 2015 by the District Court of the Hague suggests otherwise.

Starbucks: A rich brew of IP rights

International, US01-05-2015

Constant vigilance is the strategy Starbucks has used to protect its IP rights over many years and across multiple jurisdictions. WIPR hears how the coffee company goes about it.

More power at the Canadian border

Canada15-04-2015Ashley Dumouchel

Canada has long been criticised for its policies regarding the combating of counterfeit goods, especially regarding the border enforcement of intellectual property rights.

Showing 131 to 140 of 379 results


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