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Customs in China: Protecting the border

China01-05-2015Xiang Gao and Stephen Yang

Two modes of IP protection are available to right owners through actions taken by the Chinese customs authorities. Xiang Gao and Stephen Yang of Peksung Intellectual Property explain.

Social media: A watching brief

International, UK, US01-05-2015Stuart Fuller

The monitoring of social media for damaging content is becoming one of the most important weapons used by brands in the battle against online abuse, says Stuart Fuller of NetNames.

Navigating Mexicos import regulations

Mexico01-05-2015Jorge Gómez and Jonathan Rangel

Imported products and services must comply with regulatory requirements that can be imposed by various authorities in Mexico, as Jorge Gómez and Jonathan Rangel of Dumont Bergman Bider & Co describe.

Ten years of the WIPR Annual: a decade of IP developments


To mark the tenth anniversary of the World IP Review Annual publication, we have selected some IP highlights from the past ten years, as well as provided a look ahead to 2016. WIPR reports.

A matter of taste

Netherlands01-05-2015Michiel Rijsdijk

The experience of the taste of food is very personal. Someone’s preferences might change over time, and the tasting experience of food can also change. For good reason, the saying goes ‘there’s no accounting for taste’. This may also imply that a taste is too subjective to be protected by copyright, but a ruling on January 13, 2015 by the District Court of the Hague suggests otherwise.

Starbucks: A rich brew of IP rights

International, US01-05-2015

Constant vigilance is the strategy Starbucks has used to protect its IP rights over many years and across multiple jurisdictions. WIPR hears how the coffee company goes about it.

More power at the Canadian border

Canada15-04-2015Ashley Dumouchel

Canada has long been criticised for its policies regarding the combating of counterfeit goods, especially regarding the border enforcement of intellectual property rights.

The location of an online market

South Africa15-04-2015Andrew Papadopoulos

Gone are the days when it was easy to determine where copyright infringement took place. The internet has brought difficulties regarding jurisdiction as unlawful activity has spread across multiple territories.

Between inspiration and infringement: blurring the lines


The star-studded cast of the Blurred Lines trial may be largely responsible for its fame, but the case itself has raised some interesting questions about copyright and what exactly constitutes infringement. WIPR investigates.

RightsDirect: All eyes on the sharing society

EU, US14-04-2015

Amsterdam-based RightsDirect offers content workflow and licensing solutions designed to make it easier for organisations to use and share copyright-protected material, as WIPR found out.

Showing 101 to 110 of 346 results


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