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Can artists weather the COVID-19 storm?

28-09-2020Molly Torsen Stech

The pandemic means that copyright is more important to visual artists’ survival than ever before, explains Molly Torsen Stech, copyright attorney and author of “Artists' Rights: A Guide to Copyright, Moral Rights and Other Legal Issues in the Visual Arts Sphere.”

WIPR Five minutes with... Aaron Wood of Blaser Mills

EU25-09-2020Muireann Bolger

The trademark attorney discusses his successful representation of Full Colour Black, the greetings card company at the heart of a trademark dispute with Banksy.

Sound bite: Is sampling fair use?

17-09-2020Rory O'Neill

Where’s the line between creative experimentation and theft? That’s the question at the heart of a lawsuit between Tracy Chapman and Nicki Minaj over whether the act of sampling a song in the studio constitutes copyright infringement.

Sweden jurisdiction report: Sinking the pirates

Sweden17-08-2020Maria Zamkova

The use of illegal digital services is decreasing significantly in Sweden, most of all by internet users aged 16 to 29, according to a recent survey, “Changed attitudes to illegal streaming”, published February 7, 2020, by Kantar Sifo on behalf of the Swedish Patent and Registration Office.

Myanmar: A careful approach to change

Myanmar14-08-2020Moe Moe Thwe

Myanmar’s IP system is undergoing fundamental change: in the coming year, the country will establish an IP office and begin to enforce new IP laws. Sarah Morgan speaks with Moe Moe Thwe, deputy director general of the country’s IP department, about the progress made so far.

India: Protect engineering drawings using copyright or design?

India14-08-2020Ranjan Narula and Suvarna Pandey

Whether a technical drawing can be protected under copyright or design law in India is a complex issue, as Ranjan Narula and Suvarna Pandey of RNA Technology and IP Attorneys explain.

AIPPI: Simplifying a complex journey

International, Switzerland13-08-2020Arno Hold and Diarmuid De Faoite

Arno Hold and Diarmuid De Faoite of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property walk WIPR through the process of how the association’s resolutions are created and their influence on the international IP system.

AIPF: Better for boutiques

13-08-2020Brett Lunn

The Association of Intellectual Property Firms is dedicated to supporting the unique needs of boutique IP firms so they can better serve their clients, says association president Brett Lunn.

AIPLA: Being smarter about AI

13-08-2020Barbara Fiacco

The intersection of AI and IP offers huge potential, but cooperation and dialogue between stakeholders is essential, argues Barbara Fiacco of the American Intellectual Property Law Association.

WIPR Annual 2020 Business Brief: UK

UK13-08-2020Alison Simpson

Alison Simpson of Urquhart-Dykes & Lord outlines IP law in the UK.

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