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UKIPO: time to ‘start from scratch’ to achieve radical change

UK30-11-2022Sarah Speight

The UKIPO is finally revamping its systems to streamline the IP rights application process, and is calling on customers to inform this transformation, deputy director of rights policy Mike Prior tells Sarah Speight.

South Africa: Primed for IP outsourcing

South Africa23-11-2022Darren Olivier

With a similar time zone to Europe and a skilled workforce, outsourcing IP work to South Africa offers value for money, argues Darren Olivier of Adams & Adams.

Nigeria: Copyright and the protection of creatives

Nigeria07-11-2022Adeoluwa Ademola

Creatives should take copyright law as seriously as their art, explains Adeoluwa Ademola of Inventa

A case for aligning copyright and the videogame industry

Global02-11-2022Gaetano Dimita, Yin Harn Lee, Michaela Macdonald

The first global study into copyright infringement and enforcement in the videogame industry reveals the key threats and makes recommendations, explain the report’s authors Gaetano Dimita, Yin Harn Lee and Michaela Macdonald.

The Warhol 'Prince series' conundrum

20-10-2022Bill Frankel

The justices grappled with determining fair or derivative use in Warhol’s depiction of Prince, says Bill Frankel of Crowell & Moring.

Ed Sheeran's US copyright woes: A UK perspective

14-10-2022Carl Steele and Chris Fotheringham

As the singer faces a US jury trial over his hit song, he will find proceedings different to his experience at home, say Carl Steele and Chris Fotheringham of Ashfords.

Five years at the IPO: farewell to Tim Moss CBE

UK22-08-2022Staff Writer

Outgoing CEO reflects on Brexit, COVID-19, and digitisation | IPO bureaucracy was forcing customers to do “horrible things” before modernisation.

How ‘Del Boy’ became a literary copyright work

UK28-07-2022Carl Steele & Christopher Fotheringham

Parody, pastiche, and passing off all starred in this 'UK first', say Carl Steele and Christopher Fotheringham of Ashfords.

Monkey business: Seth Green’s bored ape NFT and a barrel of IP issues


The alleged theft of actor Seth Green’s “bored ape” non-fungible token has highlighted some unsettled IP issues, says Mauricio Uribe of Knobbe Martens.

‘Top Gun’ author’s estate targets Paramount

International17-06-2022Sarah Speight

The winners of a legal dogfight over “Top Gun: Maverick” will be decided by the finer details of US copyright law, finds Sarah Speight.

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