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Femtech: from taboo to multibillion-dollar industry

International02-10-2023Liz Hockley

Technology is continuing to transform women’s healthcare and female inventors are driving the change—but more needs to be done to ensure they secure IP rights, finds Liz Hockley.

Generative AI tools: An agent of bias?

International08-08-2023Rose Place

The technology could be a game-changer for law firms but there is a risk that AI produces discriminatory outcomes, finds Rose Place.

Unmasking AI bias

EU30-06-2023Marisa Woutersen

As concerns emerge over how AI tools may reinforce inequalities, a landmark act may offer some corrective measures, reports Marisa Woutersen.

Why pronouns matter in the workplace

International30-06-2023Ari Rollason

When embracing LGBTQ+ inclusivity, the use of correct pronouns is pivotal. However, navigating such inclusive language can feel difficult for some. IP Out member and HLK trainee patent attorney Ari Rollason offers some advice.

International Women’s Day #Embrace Equity

International08-03-2023Muireann Bolger

As we mark International Women’s Day, female IP leaders share their thoughts on how equity is fundamentally different to equality, and why recognising this distinction is crucial.

‘It's not about wokeness’: why we need LGBTQ+ History

International27-02-2023Michael Hawkins

As this month celebrates the experiences of the LGBTQ+ community, Michael Hawkins of Noerr explores why the event is for every IP attorney who desires a more equal, diverse profession.

Women and Girls in Science Day: why it matters

International10-02-2023Frances Salisbury

As tomorrow marks the United Nations Women and Girls in Science Day, Frances Salisbury of Mewburn Ellis makes a rallying call for more action to inspire the female IP leaders of the future.

Best practices for mentorship in IP

30-01-2023William Peterson and Julie Goldemberg

As January marks National Mentorship Month, Morgan Lewis partners William Peterson and Julie Goldemberg explore their journey and offer takeaways for a successful dynamic.

The IP gender gap: post-pandemic lessons

International30-01-2023Raquel Flanzbaum

The rise in remote and hybrid working offers a chance for firms to address the ongoing challenges related to the IP sector’s gender gap, says Raquel Flanzbaum of Ojam Bullrich Flanzbaum.

Mexico: All in the details

Mexico17-01-2023Victor Garrido and Christian Thomae

Mexico has made positive changes to its IP system but greater clarity is needed to reassure rights holders. Victor Garrido and Christian Thomae of Dumont round up the key developments in 2022.

Showing 1 to 10 of 147 results


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