Gabriella Liu

Key Details

Gabriella Liu is the principal founder and chief partner of Chinese technology law firm, Beijing IParagon. She represents and serves international and Chinese companies with large IP portfolios or technology assets to help their business in China. IParagon also works with clients to expand outside China.  Her core practice areas span IP, technology law, litigation, antitrust in high-tech sectors, international IP-driven deals, and startup strategies. With her deep understanding of China‚Äôs IP law, Liu has helped numerous clients win or resolve significant cases as well as protect their business interests in China, including a non-infringement declaratory lawsuit for Gucci in Beijing.  She is particularly experienced in high tech industry, media and entertainment, pharmaceutical and bioscience, luxury and high fashion, and food, wine and hospitality industry. She commits her time and energies to mentoring and sharing her experiences with young law students and legal/IP professionals, especially women law students and attorneys.