Patrix: more than a docketing system


Hugo T Berkemeyer

Patrix: more than a docketing system


Hugo T Berkemeyer of Berkemeyer Attorneys and Counselors explains why he finds the Patricia IP software, which was created by Patrix, helpful for his law firm.

Please tell us a little about your company, its staff and the services you offer.

Since its foundation in 1951, Berkemeyer Attorneys and Counselors, which is based in Paraguay, has provided expert legal services to clients at an international and local level, gaining a global reputation for quality, expertise and professionalism. Our firm provides legal advice on virtually all areas of law, including intellectual property—with a focus on trademarks, patents, life sciences, copyright protection, utility models, industrial models and designs, domain names, franchising, enforcement, unfair competition, and civil law and IP litigation.

At Berkemeyer Attorneys and Counselors we pride ourselves on our ability to meet clients’ needs directly, providing professional and practical advice of the highest quality, and employing teamwork and collaboration
to provide our services in a thorough yet
timely manner.

How long have you been using the Patricia software?

We implemented the Patricia software in 2011.

Which software did you use before and how does it compare?

Patricia replaced our in-house system; it helps us in our daily work due to the functionalities that allow us to do much more than just docketing.

Patricia differs from typical docketing systems as it does much more than just docketing; it is a full practice management solution. Which other areas of your practice, in addition to docketing, does Patricia help you with?

Patricia replaced our in-house developed system, which covered the basic needs regarding patents and trademarks. Its functionalities allow us to improve and expand the services we offer to our clients and to improve internal processes as well. It enhances the control of the processes step by step in relation to due dates, costs, invoicing, and related documents, etc, and overall makes it easier to follow up cases. 

Patricia helps us to administer cases better, which leads to a better control of our processes, including the due dates of trademark and patent maintenance payments.

As one of the largest and most prestigious law firms in South America, what number of active cases do you currently have in your IP practice?

More than 3,000.

What advice would you give to other large IP firms considering change?

Patricia is useful for daily internal work, especially related to the control of processes.

In what way is Patricia fundamental to ensuring/assisting your continuing business success, and how is it capable of helping you to monitor and improve the level of service to clients?

Patricia helps us to administer cases better, which leads to a better control of our processes, including the due dates of trademark and patent maintenance payments. It helps us to provide faster and efficient answers to our clients.

Although it is a growing company, Patrix has been eager to ensure that it remains approachable at all levels. How do you find interacting with the Patrix team, from support up to the owner level?

The team always provides a fast response to any enquiries from our users, which is very important when they have any issues to resolve.

If you could give us one sentence that encapsulates your understanding of Patrix and Patricia and what it does for your business, what would it be?

Patricia has become a very useful tool in the daily improvement of our work. It supports us in the control and optimisation of our available resources.

Would you swap Patricia for any other IP software?

We would not. 

Hugo T Berkemeyer is an intellectual property lawyer at Berkemeyer Attorneys and Counselors. He can be contacted at:

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