UKIPO: time to ‘start from scratch’ to achieve radical change


Sarah Speight

UKIPO: time to ‘start from scratch’ to achieve radical change

Mike Prior, deputy director of rights policy, UKIPO

The UKIPO is finally revamping its systems to streamline the IP rights application process, and is calling on customers to inform this transformation, deputy director of rights policy Mike Prior tells Sarah Speight.

The UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) is undergoing possibly the most radical overhaul of its digital services yet.

As well as removing legal barriers to its rights services, the UKIPO wishes to address current inconsistencies between the different IP rights.

The ‘One IPO’ transformation programme—now about 18 months in—is a root-and-branch reform of the IPO’s digital systems and processes, which aims to modernise and streamline all of its services to provide a single, integrated system across all IP rights.

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