The great exodus


Sarah Morgan

The great exodus

Alexandra Giese /

Bullying, a dearth of opportunities and lower pay are just some of the reasons why the legal profession is bleeding its minority groups. Sarah Morgan investigates.

When I started writing this feature, I thought it would be like any other. Without getting emotionally involved, I’d briefly introduce the problems, discuss them a little using quotes and statistics, and provide the possible solutions, before tying it up with a neat little conclusory bow. 

That’s not what happened. I got caught up in the stories and the figures. There’s no single answer to why women and minorities are leaving the legal profession in droves and there’s no simple way to halt it.

We think of the legal profession as traditional, but still forward-looking and willing to adapt. Why then have one in three women been sexually harassed in a workplace context? Why is the legal profession in the UK plagued by a “culture of fear” around reporting sexual harassment and bullying? And why does the pay gap still exist? These are questions I want answers to.

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