The biggest challenge of loneliness is admitting it


Charlène Gisèle

The biggest challenge of loneliness is admitting it

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Of all the mental health concerns IP lawyers face, loneliness is the least spoken about. This needs to change, says Charlène Gisèle, a former corporate lawyer turned high-performance coach.

One of the biggest challenges of experiencing loneliness is admitting it—both to oneself and others. Its symptoms and associated behaviours can be challenging to detect, and feelings of loneliness often make it harder to connect. This can keep someone stuck in a vicious emotional cycle.

Loneliness and mental health issues are prevalent among lawyers. That is why it is so vital that lawyers learn to check in with themselves and colleagues that may be showing signs of loneliness.

Sometimes it falls to others, such as friends, family and colleagues to recognise if someone is showing these tell-tale signs.

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