Shaping Nestlé's IP strategy


Shaping Nestlé's IP strategy

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It’s one of the world’s largest food and drinks companies, with established brands across the globe, so protecting Nestlé’s IP is a big task. WIPR spoke to Thorsten Gailing, a regional IP adviser at the Swiss multinational, to find out how he does it.

Protecting one brand is hard enough. In-house counsel must be at the top of their game at all times to detect infringements and misuse around the world. So imagine the job of protecting some 8,000 brands. That’s the challenge facing Thorsten Gailing, a regional IP adviser at Nestlé.

Gailing is one of 26 lawyers at the Swiss-based organisation and head of the UK team, while also taking responsibility for Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway.

Responsibilities at the multinational are divided across Europe, Asia, Africa and America, with lawyers in place across all the zones and key markets.

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