Scotch guard: how to protect whisky


Scotch guard: how to protect whisky

Ahead of the IP Summit in Paris in December, WIPR spoke to Alan Park, legal adviser at the Scotch Whisky Association, about its efforts to get the brand protected across the globe and the challenges it faces.

For more 100 years Scotland has been at the forefront of whisky production. However, as its popularity grows, whisky has been increasingly targeted by counterfeiters looking to feed off its success.

What is the SWA responsible for in terms of IP?

Our principal remit is to both protect and promote Scotch whisky. From a protection point of view the legal affairs department will take control. This can take the form of litigation, administrative complaints, trademark watching or giving advice to our member companies and major producers on labelling and compliance issues. We also deal with trade barriers and government issues around the world.

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