Mediation for IP cases


Ma. Consuelo C. Agno

The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) of the Philippines has formally joined the courts and other pertinent agencies in the government in using alternative dispute resolution (ADR) to resolve disputes.

The Alternative Dispute Resolution Act of 2004 declared that it is “the policy of the State to actively promote party autonomy in the resolution of disputes or the freedom of the parties to make their own arrangements to resolve their disputes.

Towards this end, the State shall encourage and actively promote the use of ADR as an important means to achieve speedy and impartial justice and de-clog court dockets. As such, the State shall provide means for the use of ADR as an efficient tool and an alternative procedure for the resolution of appropriate cases”.

Under the act, the Supreme Court and the executive branch through the president of the Philippines issued the Special Rules of Court on Alternative Dispute Resolution and Instituting the Use of Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Executive Branch of the Government (executive order), respectively.

IPO, ADR, mediation