IP office interview: Protecting ‘Swissness’


IP office interview: Protecting ‘Swissness’

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The Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property is due to enact a number of important legislative changes in 2017 and is committed to fighting counterfeit goods. WIPR spoke to its director general Catherine Chammartin about life at the office.

Counterfeiters are becoming more sophisticated, finding new ways to trick consumers into buying their products online.

Catherine Chammartin, director general of the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI), explains the situation: “In the past, if you were at a beach or market it was quite obvious what was counterfeit.

“But with the internet, customers are probably not always aware that what they are ordering is counterfeit. They probably just think ‘well, it’s a good deal, but they aren’t suspicious because the website looks professional’.

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