Inside man: an interview with Zhipei Jiang


China may seem like a tough nut to crack, but it's slowly opening up to the needs of national and international businesses. WIPR talks to Zhipei Jiang about what's right and wrong with China.

Until recently, China was seen as a country that guarded its privacy fiercely. Journalists and foreign businesses alike had difficulties gaining access. But while there is still a way to go, things are changing, and Chinese intellectual property law is a good indicator of how the country is opening up to the outside world.

On the IP front, China’s State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) regularly reports official and local news in Chinese and English. Unofficial sources also exist, making an increasingly important country such as China more transparent to those that are interested in IP.

Dr Zhipei Jiang, the former chief justice of the IPR Tribunal of the Supreme People’s Court Fangda Partners, established in 1999. He wanted to make China’s IP judicial protection more transparent and provide a platform for the exchange of ideas. “It’s one of the earliest legal academic websites in China and the amount of visits has numbered at around 3 million,” he says.

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