Career series: Jill Goldman, American Bankers Association


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Career series: Jill Goldman, American Bankers Association

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Jill Goldman, vice president and senior counsel II, IP & contracts at the American Bankers Association, explains how an open mind and acceptance of change can lead to a rewarding career.

Tell us about the course of your career

My career path has never been a straight line but rather a winding road. I graduated from the University of Florida with a BA in theatre and a BSc in telecommunications with the goal of pursuing a career in theatre and entertainment.

But being a “starving artist” didn’t appeal, and I could not bring myself to take an unpaid internship in Los Angeles or New York. I moved back home to South Florida and took a job at a local TV studio to work as a post-production editor. I was miserable just “doing a job” and not having a career, and knew I had to go to graduate school to study either medicine, law, or business.

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