World IP Review and its sister publications Life Sciences IP ReviewTrademarks & Brands Online and the WIPR Annual provide news and guidance on the challenges facing businesses and legal practitioners active in intellectual property, as well as marketing and branding professionals who operate online. 

Published six times a year, the World Intellectual Property Review Bi-Monthly provides timely news and analysis on the most relevant and important issues affecting brand owners. This is a must-read for businesses, their in-house counsel and other intellectual property lawyers.

Aimed at brand owners, intellectual property lawyers and other specialists, Trademarks & Brands Online is a quarterly publication providing up-to-date analysis on the most pressing issues affecting businesses on the Internet.

Life Sciences Intellectual Property Review tracks the increasing challenges for intellectual property specialists in the rapidly evolving world of life sciences. From gene patents to stem cell research, we hope to provide the best news and analysis. 

The World Intellectual Property Review Annual is the comprehensive guide to the most pressing intellectual property developments in the past year. Aimed at brand owners and intellectual property lawyers, it provides detailed coverage of the year’s most notable challenges and how these can be overcome in future.

IP Pages is a one-stop guide to intellectual property firms and service providers around the world. With approximately 3,000 listings uncovered by a dedicated research team, this is a comprehensive overview of the options available when seeking to protect your intellectual property.

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