Nintendo wins ISP anti-piracy injunctions in Spain


Rory O'Neill

Nintendo wins ISP anti-piracy injunctions in Spain

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Nintendo secured a pair of injunctions at a Barcelona court last month, ordering internet service providers (ISPs) to block sites facilitating a workaround of its piracy security systems.

The Japanese games developer is pursuing the Team Xecuter site, which offers software to allow users to circumvent piracy protections on the Nintendo Switch console and play unauthorised copies of Nintendo games.

The decision is the first in continental Europe that has granted applications to block access to websites dealing with devices that circumvent technological protection measures (TCMs), according to TheIPKat blog.

Having won an injunction targeting Team Xecuter domains at the UK High Court last year, Nintendo has now extended its legal campaign to Barcelona, where the Commercial Court instructed local ISPs to block access to the site.

“These websites are popular destinations for users around the world to purchase circumvention devices and download associated software, which is then used to play pirated copies of Nintendo Switch games,” Nintendo said.

The court also granted injunctions blocking access to pirate services switch-xci and nxbrew, which distribute pirate copies of Nintendo games.

“Each of the websites blocked in both procedures causes significant economic and reputational damage to all those developers and publishers of video games for Nintendo Switch consoles,” the Japanese company said.

It added: “Nintendo initiates these actions not only on its own behalf, but also on behalf of the more than 2,000 video game developers who depend on legitimate Nintendo Switch video game sales for their livelihood.”

Nintendo has acknowledged piracy as a “significant threat” to its business and operates an anti-piracy programme seeking to limit the availability of unauthorised software and games.

The company warns that use of circumvention devices may result in reduced functionality for users playing pirate copies of the games.

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