INTA 2016: .sucks pokes fun at Donald Trump with urinal stunt


INTA 2016: .sucks pokes fun at Donald Trump with urinal stunt

Christopher Halloran /

Those using the restrooms at the Orange County Convention Center this week may have noticed the familiar face of Donald Trump staring up at them from the basin of the urinals.

Urinal screens have been placed by Vox Populi, the registry behind the .sucks domain, in urinals in restrooms across the centre encouraging delegates to visit the domain

donald-trump-jpg.JPGThe grids, which are scented, show an image of Trump with his mouth wide open. 

John Berard, chief executive of Vox Populi, said: “Vox Populi conjured that bit of bathroom humour as part of our plan to increase awareness of the registry.

“We thought a one-on-one conversation at a relaxed, quiet moment would be an effective element. No political point-of-view, just good, clean, sweeter smelling fun!”

Vox Populi has a history of mischief at the International Trademark Association’s (INTA) annual meeting, which is being held from May 21 to 25 at the centre. 

At last year’s annual meeting in San Diego, Vox Populi poked fun at INTA by hiring a van emblazoned with and also handed out free .sucks condoms to delegates.

When the domain was in its sunrise period last year it faced criticism over its supposedly high price.  

Vox Populi charged registrars $1,999 to sell a .sucks address to brand owners during the sunrise period and recommended that those registrars charge their clients $2,499 for a registration.

The INTA annual meeting ends tomorrow, May 25.

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