BVI in focus: taking the islands home from INTA


BVI in focus: taking the islands home from INTA

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On each day of the INTA annual conference in Orlando we are asking lawyers in the British Virgin Islands some questions about IP. Today Jamal Smith, president of the BVI Trademark Association, explains where to go to take some of the islands back home with you.

Do trademark agents in the BVI collaborate with IP agents in other Caribbean islands? If so, how?

Yes we do. We collaborate to offer our clients registration of their trademarks in various Caribbean countries to receive maximum protection in the region.

What are you doing at INTA, and how can people find you?

BVI Finance is the voice of the financial services industry for the jurisdiction and we are present with the BVI Trademark Association to discuss the opportunities and benefits of registering your mark in the BVI.

BVI is well known for our business companies and with over 480,000 active companies on our register we are certain that clients would want to register their mark for protection in the territory. BVI is home to many luxury brands and products which presents a multitude of opportunities to register in the BVI.

Find us at booth 221 to meet with agents and our legal team. Also qualify for a chance to take a piece of BVI back with you.

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