BVI in focus: protecting sounds and smells


BVI in focus: protecting sounds and smells

Strahil Dimitrov /

On each day of the INTA annual conference in Orlando we are asking lawyers in the British Virgin Islands some questions about IP. Today Jamal Smith and Kamika Forbes discuss the local trademark regime and what can be registered as a mark.

Do you expect potential US and European government actions related to offshore jurisdictions to affect trademarks in the BVI? And what about company registrations as they pertain to IP?

The BVI’s trademark regime is standalone and applies currently established standards relating to the administration of trademarks. Any external action taken through the introduction of new or revised standards or any other obligations is carefully reviewed and appropriate decisions taken. (JS)

Why should a company register a trademark in the BVI?

The question should be "why not?". There are only advantages to be had when a company registers its trademark in the BVI. The process is simple and easy, and you gain protection of your trademark in the jurisdiction for ten years. There is no longer any requirement to have a UK registration prior to registering your trademark in the BVI. Company owners are delighted to find that service marks, collective trademarks, smells, sounds and even tastes may obtain protection in the BVI. (AS)

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