Apple launches global “takeback” programme on counterfeit products


Apple launches global “takeback” programme on counterfeit products

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Apple has announced its customers around the world can return suspected counterfeit and third party adapters following concerns over safety.

The USB Power Adapter Takeback Programme will allow customers to return suspected faulty third party products and pick up official Apple adapters at a discounted price.

“Recent reports have suggested that some counterfeit and third party adapters may not be designed properly and could result in safety issues,” Apple said on August 6.

“While not all third party adapters have an issue, we are announcing a programme to enable customers to acquire properly designed adapters.”

According to Apple’s website, from August 16, anyone who has concerns can drop their product off at an Apple store.

The corporation says consumer safety is a “top priority” and adds that its products “undergo rigorous testing for safety and reliability to meet government safety standards around the world.”

Last month an investigation was launched by Apple after it was revealed that a Chinese woman had died of an electric shock while answering a call on her charging iPhone5.

According to Joseph Gioconda, founder of Gioconda Law Group PLLC in New York, the news showed a “pro-active approach” by Apple.

“This demonstrates Apple’s commitment to ensuring quality and consistency,” he told WIPR. “Some electronics companies, when made aware of counterfeit or substandard accessories, end up allowing the products to proliferate in the marketplace.

“That short sighted approach can harm consumer confidence in the brand itself. Apple’s approach is both laudable and a smart business practice.”

Apple says it will not be able to warn customers on the authenticity or safety of adapters but invites anyone with concerns to return the products.

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