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Antigua to go ahead with US IP rights suspension

Antigua & Barbuda, US01-11-2013

A governmental committee in Antigua and Barbuda has said it is continuing its plans to suspend US intellectual property rights.

UK gives musicians 20 more years’ copyright


The UK has extended the term of copyright protecting sound recordings and performers’ rights from 50 to 70 years after a recording is published.

Famous Four Media to fight for .sport gTLD


Domain company Famous Four Media has suffered a setback in its attempt to host a sport-related generic top-level domain, but has vowed to fight on.

Fed Circuit vacates “prejudicial” ruling in cargo case


The US Court of Appeal for the Federal Circuit has remanded a case to the Patent and Trial Appeal Board after examiners were “plainly prejudicial” to one party.

ICANN urged to rule on .llp “breach”


ICANN is being urged to clarify whether an applicant for the .llp generic top-level domain would be breaking any rules by restricting the suffix to US customers.

Irish report recommends copyright changes


An Irish committee has released a report aimed at improving copyright protection and has proposed the formation of an independent body to oversee copyright issues and changes to the country’s court system.

Nokia seeks import ban of HTC phones


Finnish phone maker Nokia will seek to block HTC from importing several devices into the UK after a judge ruled that they infringe a patent.

Castel takes Chinese trademark case to Supreme Court


French winemaker Castel, which was on the receiving end of a $5 million fine for trademark infringement in China, has had its request for a hearing at the country’s Supreme Court accepted.

USPTO to ring fence funds under House bill


Three members of the House of Representatives have introduced a bill under which the US Patent and Trademark Office would be permanently funded.

UK ISPs ordered to block more than 20 file-sharing sites


Internet Service Providers in the UK have been ordered to block access to 21 websites allegedly infringing copyright, in what the British Phonographic Industry has described as Europe’s largest blocking order.

Showing 6521 to 6530 of 7644 results