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China tops global trademark filings


China’s IP office published the most trademarks across all classes in 2012, an industry report has found.

Saudi Arabia signs up to PCT

Saudi Arabia16-05-2013

Saudi Arabia deposited its instrument of accession to the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) on May 3, to become the 147th contracting state.

Overstock and Newegg score patent win over Alcatel


French telecoms company Alcatel-Lucent has failed to convince US appeals judges that one of three patents in a dispute with online retailers Overstock and Newegg is valid.

Federal Circuit divided on business method patentability


The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit failed to agree on the patentability of computerised business methods in the patent dispute between CLS Bank and Alice Corp on May 10.

France set to scrap Hadopi


The French cultural and communications ministry was urged on Monday to scrap Hadopi, the government agency responsible for a three-strike anti-piracy system.

Monsanto v Bowman: Supreme Court rejects “blame-the-bean” defence


The US Supreme Court has decided unanimously in favour of agricultural company Monsanto in its patent battle against Indiana farmer Vernon Bowman.

PCT filings continue to grow


The number of Patent Cooperation Treaty applications filed last year rose by nearly 6.6 per cent compared with 2011, representing the third consecutive year of growth.

Trademark owner rapped for hijacking domain names


A trademark owner has been slammed for reverse domain name hijacking, an act rarely seen in cybersquatting disputes.

New Zealand government clarifies software patent position

New Zealand13-05-2013

The New Zealand government has announced a change to patent legislation that clarifies its position on the patentability of computer programmes.

Disney withdraws Day of the Dead mark application


Disney has dropped its bid to trademark the term “Día de los Muertos,” it announced on May 7.

Showing 6431 to 6440 of 7130 results


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