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Russian activists form new religion in bid to stall anti-piracy laws


Internet activists in Russia are looking to the heavens in a bid to stall the country’s new anti-piracy law.

US and China join forces on IP enforcement operation

China, US07-08-2013

Border enforcement agencies in the US and China have teamed up for the first time, seizing hundreds of thousands of counterfeit products.

Nigerian government plans clampdown on online piracy


The Nigerian Government has said it is seeking to introduce new legislation to curb online piracy in the country.

US band The Turtles accuse broadcaster of $100m copyright infringement


US rock band The Turtles is leading a backlash against a satellite radio station claiming it has infringed copyright on thousands of songs to the tune of $100 million.

Baker & McKenzie appoints new managing partner in Singapore

Singapore05-08-2013Movers & Shakers

The Singapore office of Baker & McKenzie LLP, Baker & McKenzie Wong & Leow, has appointed the head of its IP practise as the new managing partner.

Proposed tribute to Final Fantasy booted off Kickstarter website


An online fundraising effort to create a web series based on computer game franchise Final Fantasy has been suspended after claims of copyright infringement.

US government suggests copyright changes


The US Government has released a set of proposals outlining plans to “meaningfully enforce” copyright on the Internet.

AP and Meltwater shake hands in copyright dispute


News agency the Associated Press and media monitoring company Meltwater have ended all litigation in their US copyright dispute and agreed to jointly sell some new products.

FAST launches campaign to tackle software piracy


A UK anti-piracy organisation has taken to social media to encourage businesses to look at what software they are using as part of an Internet campaign to clamp down on piracy.

New Zealand government delays copyright law review

New Zealand26-07-2013

The New Zealand government has put a review of the country’s copyright laws on hold until the end of negotiations between the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Showing 1831 to 1840 of 2197 results


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