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Copyright for video games

Brazil01-04-2012Otto Licks and Carlos Aboim

Video games on social platforms such as Facebook are a new category of fun, offering both highly viral and engaging characteristics.

In Québec, on parle Français

Canada01-04-2012Victoria Carrington

“Does this have to be translated into French?” Most Canadian trademark practitioners who advise foreign brand owners on business in Canada have heard this question.

Key case for Apple drags on in China

China01-04-2012Stephen Yang

The final instance hearing of the dispute between Apple Inc and Proview Technology (Shenzhen) Co Ltd over the use of the iPad trademark, was held in the Guangdong High People’s Court on February 29.

Keeping it simple: new trademark treaty

Dominican Republic01-04-2012Sharin Pablo de Roca and Deborah Guzmán

The Dominican Republic, as a complement to the Dominican Republic-Central America Free Trade Agreement (DR-CAFTA), ratified the Trademark Law Treaty (TLT) on September 3, 2011.

Melon case gives food for thought to patent practitioners

EPO01-04-2012Marianne Holme

The European Patent Office (EPO) has received about 800 European patent applications relating to plants in general since 2002. About 90 percent concern genetically modified plants.

ACTA: time to sign?

France01-04-2012Aurélia Marie

Following confidential negotiations, the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement is now ready for signature once it is implemented.

Apple takes on Samsung

Germany01-04-2012Jens Künzel

Germany, like many other jurisdictions, is currently a forum for a courtroom battle of almost epic proportions between two of the world’s biggest computer and mobile phone companies: Apple and Samsung.

Well-known marks in Hong Kong

Hong Kong01-04-2012Kenny Leung

Section 11(5)(b) of the Trade Marks Ordinance provides that a trademark shall not be registered if the application for registration of it is made in bad faith.

Granting SPCs for single compounds with differing uses

Hungary01-04-2012Imre Molnár

The EU has two council regulations regarding SPCs: one concerning the creation of an SPC for human and veterinary medicinal products; and another concerning the creation of an SPC for plant protection products.

PPH: the highway of the future

Japan01-04-2012Ryo Maruyama

As previously reported in WIPR, Patent Prosecution Highway programmes have been adopted by 24 offices of various countries and regions, including Japan.

Showing 1641 to 1650 of 2285 results


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