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Nigeria: The role of patents in promoting innovation

Nigeria22-07-2022Queen Ajura Ugbeda

Patents are essential to Nigeria’s growing economy, explains Queen Ajura Ugbeda of Inventa.

Patenting life?

South Africa18-07-2022Marisol Cardoso

The IP system helps everyone to benefit from biotechnology inventions, argues Marisol Cardoso of Inventa.

War and trademarks

Russia, Ukraine10-06-2022Diogo Antunes

The impact of Russia’s invasion has led to some surprising effects on trademarks both in and out of Ukraine, say Diogo Antunes and Anna Shcherbyna of Inventa.

Protecting EU trademarks in the metaverse

EU30-05-2022João Pereira Cabral

Can owners of EU trademarks expect the protection to extend into the virtual? Not quite, says João Pereira Cabral of Inventa.

Tanzania: first recognition of a well-known trademark

Africa11-04-2022Miguel Bibe

The precedent sets out rules around confusingly similar marks and bad faith filings, explains Miguel Bibe at Inventa.

Cape Verde: a taste of things to come

International21-03-2022Diana Pereira

The archipelago’s food and drink producers are waking up to the IP protection its unique products can enjoy, explains Diana Pereira of Inventa.

The inner workings of ARIPO

Africa24-01-2022Vítor Sérgio Moreira

Analysis of patent applications by the African Regional Intellectual Property Organization reveals much about how the office runs substantive examinations, says Vítor Sérgio Moreira of Inventa.

ARIPO and the regional patent examination training programme: what to expect

Africa06-01-2022Marisol Cardoso

The most extensive training programme that the European Patent Office has run with non-European offices is set to make a difference, explains Marisol Cardoso of Inventa.

Nigeria: will franchising your business jeopardise your brand?

Nigeria20-12-2021Inês Tavares and Oyebola Coker

Franchises are an attractive option for stakeholders, but for franchisors they also present IP risks, explain Inês Tavares and Oyebola Coker of Inventa.

Power of attorney: Angolan Court establishes new deadlines

Angola14-12-2021Miguel Bibe

A lack of clarity around late filing of power of attorney under Angolan IP law could pose potential future problems, as Miguel Bibe of Inventa explains.

Showing 11 to 20 of 40 results


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