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A challenging year in Iceland

Iceland01-02-2012Ólafur Ragnarsson

The financial crisis continued to affect the Icelandic intellectual property (IP) market in 2011. The number of applications for trademark registrations went up slightly, after going down in 2009 and 2010.

India: key IP developments in 2011

India01-02-2012Mamta Jha

Recognising the power of ideas, expression and innovation and their role towards national development, the Indian legislature and judiciary have worked towards creating, executing and implementing effective intellectual property (IP) legislation.

Opposing trademarks in Italy

Italy01-02-2012Sonia Fodale

Most EU countries have administrative procedures that allow trademark registrations to be opposed but, until recently, Italy did not.

Tax heaven for IP owners

Luxembourg01-02-2012Richard Brunner

Luxembourg is an attractive jurisdiction for both intellectual property (IP) management and taxation, because it has a long-established tradition of being business-friendly, especially for R&D-driven companies.

When fame (or notoriety) is the spur in Mexico

Mexico01-02-2012Mauricio Jalife and Christian Thomae

Mexico has a comprehensive set of regulations in the intellectual property (IP) field.

Direct from the strait: 2011’s greatest hits in Taiwan

Taiwan01-02-2012Candy Chen and Crystal Chen

China and Taiwan have recognised priority claims to patent, trademark and plant variety applications that are filed at either the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO) or the State Intellectual Property Office of China (SIPO).

Steady progress: IP in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka01-02-2012Sudath Perera and Shanika Gunawardena

The law governing intellectual property rights in Sri Lanka is the Intellectual Property Act No 36 of 2003, based on the World Trade Organization Agreement on TRIPS. The IP Act provides an array of options for enforcing IP rights.

Protecting trademarks on the Internet: WIPO wades in

Switzerland01-02-2012Jürg Burger

In 2001, the assembly of the Paris Union for the Protection of Industrial Property and the general assembly of WIPO adopted the Joint Recommendation Concerning Provisions on the Protection of Marks and Other IP rights in Signs on the Internet.

Code reform in Romania

Romania01-01-2012Dragosh Marginean

Small, but possibly significant, changes relating to appeals and provisional measures are coming to the industrial property laws. Dragosh Marginean reports.

Fair use of trademarks: establishing boundaries in Russia

Russia01-01-2012Alexey Zalesov and Tatiana Petrova

Russian courts have started to interpret the limits of exclusive and fair use of trademarks, as Alexey Zalesov and Tatiana Petrova report.

Showing 841 to 850 of 1056 results


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