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How IP Offices Use Artificial Intelligence

Chile, China, International, Japan, Norway22-05-2019

While it’s still a novelty, some intellectual property offices have begun to use artificial intelligence for a range of purposes related to trademark applications, examinations, and analysis, as Peter Scott reports.

Strengthening IP Rights in the ASEAN

Australia, Indonesia, International, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand22-05-2019

With new trademark laws and more countries acceding to the Madrid Protocol, the signs are there that intellectual property (IP) is in a stronger place than ever before in the ASEAN region and Australasia, as Rory O’Neill reports.

The Data Holds the Answers


Efforts to combat online counterfeits have made data analytics a brand’s best friend, while prompting innovative lawyers to transform their practices, says Tom Phillips.

GDPR’s First Anniversary of Implementation and WHOIS: Where Are Brand Owners Now?


It’s been nearly a year since the European Union’s implementation of the General Directive on Privacy Regulation. Lori Schulman, INTA’s Senior Director of Internet Policy, takes a look at where things stand today.

Africa: The Hot Ticket for Technology


Brands operating in the field of cutting-edge technologies can no longer ignore Africa when it comes to protecting their intellectual property, as Sarah Morgan finds out.

Making the Case for Diversity


The importance of diversity at law firms remains a center of conversation. Sarah Morgan reviews the status.

Finding the Right Brand Balance

China, International, Taiwan22-05-2019

The Internet has revolutionized the way brands reach their customers, but it’s also forced them to tackle new threats. Sarah Morgan reports.

Practicing What You Preach


Corporate social responsibility has become an important issue for brands, but it’s vital to back up your good words with good actions, as Rory O’Neill reports.

Choosing the Right Path to Protection


When it comes to rights protection, intellectual property (IP) owners have a variety of options, each with advantages and disadvantages, as Saman Javed finds out.

INTA and Kenya’s Anti Counterfeit Authority Sign Memorandum of Understanding

International, Kenya22-05-2019

INTA and Kenya’s Anti Counterfeit Authority signed a Memorandum of Understanding on May 20, during the Annual Meeting.

Showing 1 to 10 of 63 results