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INTA 2017: The Gummy Bear Uprising


Was the GOLDBÄREN decision in the dispute between Haribo and IGE made correctly by the Swiss Federal Administrative Court, and would the outcome be the same if it were decided in a different jurisdiction?

Opening Ceremony: The Evolving Role of Brands


Issues such as the European Union, the protection of trade secrets, the fight against counterfeits, and anti-piracy education were highlighted by speakers during the Annual Meeting’s Opening Ceremony yesterday. Sarah Morgan reports.

INTA 2017: Logo Protection—Trademark v. Copyright 


While logos are often protected by trademarks, copyright can be a useful protection tool as well, panelists suggested yesterday.

Panama Supreme Court: Meet the President


With a postgraduate degree in copyright and related rights, the President of Panama’s Supreme Court of Justice, José Eduardo Ayú Prado Canals, has a head start when dealing with IP cases.

Dot Brands and Domain Disputes: A Sneak Preview of INTA Sessions


Nearly 600 companies applied for their own “dot brand” generic top-level domain (gTLD). Today at 2:00 pm, you can find out how some of these businesses are using their Internet real estate during an exciting panel discussion covering a range of dot brand issues.

Protection and Enforcement in Africa

Africa, International21-05-2017Ed Conlon and Sarah Morgan

There is much to discuss on the topic of IP in Africa, from design enforcement and the Madrid System controversy to the .africa gTLD. Ed Conlon and Sarah Morgan find out more.

INTA Internet Committee: Playing the Long Game


The new gTLDs and the challenges they pose for trademark owners are keeping INTA’s Internet Committee busy. Sarah Morgan talks to the Committee’s Chair and Vice Chair, John McElwaine and Paul McGrady, and INTA Senior Director of Internet Policy Lori Schulman, to find out more.

Tapas Bars Not to Miss in Barcelona

International21-05-2017Uldduz Larki

At the end of a long day at the Annual Meeting, why not explore Barcelona’s tapas bars to help you unwind? Uldduz Larki lists some of the best places to visit.

Dot Brand Domains: A Work In Progress

International21-05-2017Ed Conlon

The number of active “dot brand” domain names is growing at a steady pace, and some interesting use cases have emerged. Ed Conlon spoke to Martin Sutton of the Brand Registry Group to find out more.

Tapas and Trademarks: Trademark Administrators Brunch at INTA


The Trademark Administrators Brunch will provide a lively discussion on working with trademark professionals globally, writes TMA Brunch Subcommittee member Ingrid Jahr of Kuhnen & Wacker, Germany.

Showing 41 to 50 of 70 results


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