Sponsored content: Digital IP management in a plug and play solution


Ovidiu Dulacioiu

Sponsored content: Digital IP management in a plug and play solution

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SMEs can benefit from a sophisticated integrated document management system designed specifically for them, explains Ovidiu Dulacioiu of Dennemeyer.

Small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) that manage IP portfolios often run into various issues when looking for an intellectual property management system (IPMS) tailored to their needs. Thanks to thorough market analysis and customer feedback, Dennemeyer identified the most common pitfalls, and we are excited to present a lightweight, super-fast solution.

Most platforms currently available are designed to address only the needs of medium and large enterprises. Consequently, the costs associated with setting up such systems are often proportional to the number of assets being protected and bespoke configurations. The subsequent implementation process also frequently requires a lot of work over several months.

This leaves companies overseeing compact portfolios with very few options, and most resort to managing their records with unsophisticated or inadequate tools such as simple email calendars or spreadsheets in one form or another. In some cases, where the goal is purely to store records, this kind of approach may be sufficient. However, when an IP team needs more dynamic and efficient portfolio management, the IPMS route may be the best way forward.

Integrated document management system

Dennemeyer has developed a comprehensive product tailored to smaller organizations in the IP sector. The solution, DIAMS U, is the little sibling of our flagship integrated document management system—DIAMS iQ.

From its inception, DIAMS U can be deployed at lightning speed and functions as much more than a records-keeping platform. Key features of Dennemeyer’s DIAMS iQ software were carried over to offer convenient management of all IP rights.

“An intuitive step-by-step wizard provides clear guidance on generating records for patents, trademarks and designs.” - Ovidiu Dulacioiu, Dennemeyer

This modular blueprint lies at the software’s core, integrating a dedicated docketing interface with each IP record and providing a robust document management system. In addition, DIAMS U can store and link companies, contacts and cost items, with the latter being able to be imported in bulk using the legal electronic data exchange standard (LEDES).

Adaptable work environment

DIAMS U adapts to any work habit. Our solution does this by empowering users to effortlessly define, save and rerun all relevant searches or due date notifications. These queries can then easily be shared with other team members, giving them the opportunity to customise the layout of the result list to meet their own requirements and specifications.

DIAMS U allows its users to save any of their preferred arrangements as the default layout. The software also offers batch-processing functions, enabling operators to update key information in large lists of records and upload documents to the DMS section of multiple assets with just a few mouse clicks.

“The data audit function compares information stored in DIAMS U with official records.”

An intuitive step-by-step wizard provides clear guidance on generating records for patents, trademarks and designs, culminating in the representation of all IP rights on a world map that details the status of each application or grant. With this dynamic visualisation, a user can see at a glance which countries hold registered assets and where applications are still pending or have not yet been filed.

Automatic due date calculation

DIAMS U supports the automatic calculation of deadlines imposed by national laws, thus ensuring that patent annuities and trademark and design renewals are never missed. Furthermore, the software includes an audit trail feature, which keeps track of all user activity. Using this tool, administrators can generate logs showing all actions performed in the system or even fine-tune the process to focus only on specific key activity types.

APIs for payment instructions and data audits

Other key features of DIAMS U are the data exchange and data audit tools. The built-in application programming interfaces (APIs) empower the user to transfer payment instructions for patent annuities, trademark and design renewals directly from their office to the associated Dennemeyer team. As part of the same process, filing receipts, renewal and annuity certificates are automatically uploaded into the corresponding records contained in DIAMS U.

The data audit function compares information stored in DIAMS U with official records through our APIs and various external platforms. This powerful tool can be used for quality assurance purposes or to easily populate certain patent- or trademark-specific fields.  

For a consultation on how DIAMS U can keep your IP assets up and running with minimum effort, book a demo today. Visit www.dennemeyer.com/ip-management-software

Ovidiu Dulacioiu is an IP software consultant at Dennemeyer. He can be contacted at: odulacioiu@dennemeyer.com

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